Sunday, May 31, 2009

We had SO much fun yesterday, at Samantha's graduation party! The food was outstanding and I loved seeing Jenny's family again . . . and meeting some of Scott's family, for the first time.

I know young kids can sometimes put a damper on things, because they just play and ask questions ALL the time . . . but it was very cute and heartwarming to see these young adults, Samantha and Ashley's college friends, interacting with our kids. They actually paid attention to what the boys were asking/saying and even had them help with the outdoor games they were playing. They boys thought it was pretty cool!

Nathan is so very conscience of pop tabs now, he was going around the party like a little homeless person asking for money . . . but he wanted your pop tab, if you were done with your drink or not! :o)

Ashley's (Jenny's youngest daughter) birthday is Wednesday . . . I made this card for her. I got this Classy & Fabulous stamp set on Friday night and just HAD to use it! I'm putting it in the mail to her tomorrow, so it'll hopefully make it to Lawrence, KS in time!

We're going to the Royals game today . . . and of course as fate would have it, I'm starting to come down with a summer cold! ARGH! I'm somewhat, losing my voice . . . so Terry and the boys are just loving this! :o)

Before leaving for the party yesterday, Patrick and Nathan wanted to get out their bubbles. Seeing a bunch of bubbles everywhere still reminds me of watching Lawrence Welk . . . I'm dating myself, aren't I?! You remember when blowing a big bubble made you THIS happy?! :o)

I hope you have a wonderful day . . . thanks for stopping by my craft room!


  1. wow !!
    the bubble looks soo huge....
    must admire him...

  2. I am glad to hear you all had a great time at the party. It sounds like the boys had a good time too. Hopefully you had just as good of a time at the Royals game today.
    The card turned out really cute I am sure Ashley will like it as well.
    Have a great week!

  3. So glad that you had a great time at the party!

  4. I am just glad the grad party is over! This past weekend wore me out. Good to see everyone & the weather did cooperate as I did not want everyone in my house!