Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We had an absolute great time yesterday . . . busy . . . but very memorable!

Nathan had his last day of Kindergarten! The school had a "flower ceremony" at 10:30A. On the Kindergarten's first day of school . . . the 6th Graders were buddied up to a new Kindergarten student. The 6th Grader gave the Kindergartener a flower, to welcome them to the school. Yesterday, on the Kindergarteners last day, it was their turn to give their 6th Grade buddy a flower and wish them well on the new adventure to middle school! It was so cute to watch Nathan interact with Trevor, his 6th Grade "buddy". :o)

In the afternoon, Nathan's school had their talent show! Nathan's class was so cute! All the girls were cheerleaders and the boys were basketball players (Nathan is in the front, with the beige shorts on). The boys were pretending to "warm up" before the game . . . with one of those Little Tykes basket ball goals! This was the first time that he'd been up on a stage, above an audience . . . in preschool, they just stood up, so it didn't seem as intimidating. Later, I was telling him how well I thought he did and he told me that he had "a bit of stage fright at the beginning, but it was okay Mom." How cute is that?!

I got some beautiful cards in the mail too! Aren't they pretty?! The one on the left is from Jenny and the one on the right is from Jeri. I gotta tell you what Jeri does, when she sends cards . . . it's such a great idea, I've started doing it myself! She writes her sentiment on a post-it note and then sticks it inside the card . . . this way, the recipient of the card (ME) could send it to someone else! :o) It's like it's own gift! Isn't that a great idea?

Terry and Gary (my BIL) made dinner . . . surf & turf . . . steak, shrimp, garlic bread, and asparagus! YUMMY! Since it was a nice night, we ate dinner on the backyard patio.

A great ending, to a fantastic day! Thanks for stopping by my craft room!


  1. Love your blog. You are so good about keeping it up.

  2. I am glad to hear you had such a wonderful day yesterday. It looked like fun was had by all. I really love the cards they are really pretty. What a great idea about the post it note. I will have to keep that in mind. I love reading your blog that way I can keep up with my little buddies. Have a great end of the week.

  3. I love the flower tradition. What a sweet thing to do! So glad that his talent show went well also.

    The cards you received are very pretty. That is a neat idea about the post it note.