Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Manhattan Embossing Folder

Happy Hump Day! Hope you’re doing well!

I received the Manhattan embossing folder in the mail last night and once we put the boys to bed, I just had to make something with it!

This was the simplest card I think I've ever made! I ran SU vellum (in the Manhattan folder) through my Cuttlebug . . . added the sentiment (from Dear Friends - Level I stamp set) and heated with white embossing powder. Cut the bottom with the Scallop Edge punch . . . which can be kinda tricky with vellum. Tied ribbon on the top and viola . . . done! For a little/simple card . . . I sure packed in the SU products on it, huh?! :o)

This past weekend, it seemed that every time we turned on the television we saw the Wyoming vacation commercial. At the end, they'd show Old Faithful exploding . . . the boys had us rewind the DVR every time (over and over), to see it blow again . . . they thought it was "so awesome"! This got Terry and I to thinking that we possibly need a summer trip with the boys to Yellowstone, Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, and the Grand Canyon. Before Dad retired, he sold Heidelberg printing presses . . . but we were growing up, he repaired printing presses. Every summer, us girls would tag along with him wherever he needed to go. We did this exact trip when Theresa and I were young girls and we had a blast! We borrowed a pop-up camper and we were on our way to Utah! We'd never seen mountains before . . . so as we were driving towards Denver . . . Dad and I made a bet with Theresa and Mom about seeing mountains versus clouds. We bet a candy bar on it! Gee . . . I don't recall who won! Do you Sissy? :o) We tried to get Mom to look over the edge of the mountain (over on her side) and she’s never look down! She’d look at the map the whole time and never look out her window! We’d giggle like little school girls, as we tried to make Mom look out her window. Dad had even told Theresa that bears liked little young blonde girls . . . I swear she slept with a flash light on the whole time we were at Yellowstone! What a great summer memory, huh Sissy?!

Sandra . . . if we drive even slightly close to Utah . . . wanna meet up for lunch or somethin'?! ;o)

I see a GPS device in Terry’s future, possibly for Father’s Day?! :o)

What fun childhood summer vacation memory do you have?

Thanks for stopping by my craft room!


  1. Hey Peggy,

    That trip sounds awesome! I hope y'all will be able to go. My family owned a beach house all of my "growing up" years. So most of my fond memories are there. Dad did takes us on two vacations outside of the family beach house. One was to Disney World when I was 11 and Outer Banks when I was 13. Those were memorable as well.

  2. Wow your card turned out really cute.
    The trip sounds like alot of fun. I hope you all get to go your whole family deserves it.
    The only family vacations we took growing up were to Arkansas but I do know what you mean about not wanting to look out the window. We always had to go thru the Ozark and Arkansas mountains on a two lane highway with nothing on either side of you. It was very scary.
    Happy Hump day to you too!

  3. Wow what an interesting BLOG SISTER!!! HA HA HA

    First, the card turned out really pretty!!!!

    Secondly, have a great time on your trip! You guys need a vacation with everything you guys have been through!!! Get away as a family and relax and enjoy life!!!!

    Lastly, Information for my Nephews.....If your mommy and daddy make a bet about clouds looking like mountains and they want to bet a candy bar....Make sure they pay up if they lose the bet!!!! Mom and I have YET to receive the candy bars from Dad and Maggie (Peggy). Make sure they pay up boys and don't let it DRAG out for YEARS!!!!! I will accept MOMS candy bar if you and Dad ever decide to pay up on your loss!!!!! I won't be holding my breath that is for sure because I would be up with MOM on a permanent basis!!!! HA HA HA Two Snickers would be nice!!!!!

    Great blog sister!!! Enjoyed it..Had some laughs and some tears all at the same time!!!! We had a lot of fun!!!!

  4. We absolutely love our GPS!! I highly recommend them!!