Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day to all of you. Especially those who are in, or has loved ones in, the service! Honoring you for just the one day is definitely NOT enough, for what you do for all of us!

The boys wanted to have a picnic with Grandma . . . isn't that cute?! Their choice of food? McDonald's Happy Meals . . . 'cause that's what they ate with Grandma, when she would take them to McDonald's! :o) It's been raining the majority of the day here though . . . so we took a plastic trash bag in case it got soggy. The weather held up very nice through our picnic . . . it didn't start sprinkling until we were done! We had a wonderful picnic with Grandma.

Jenny came over at 7:30A, since we're both early risers, to make her projects from the Friday night workshop. Jenny even went over to Theresa's house, to pick up the boys from Cousin Night! OH MY . . . you should have heard the boys when they saw Aunt Jenny! :o)

On the way to Theresa's house . . . we just HAD to stop at Michael's, it was right on the way! When we were at Michael's, we saw these little Laura Ashley books for $1 and with 20% off coupon . . . we only paid 80 cents for the books! They already had the background on it . . . we just "embellished" the books a bit, with the Top Note Sizzix die and the Cirut machine! We thought these would be cute to put in the car or our purses, if we have to jot down things (ie: grocery list, to-do lists, etc). Didn't they come out cute?!

I sure had a great time crafting with you today Jen! Oh, by the way . . . look out ladies! Jenny is a blogger now and knows how to use it!! :o) We got her all set up, while she was here! You can only hope that maybe she'll forget her password?!

Hope you're having a great day . . . thanks for stopping by my craft room!


  1. Well, Jenny and Theresa better watch out because I think I'm the one who will be winning all of the contests now :) I'm glad you guys had a good picnic with Grandma, that's such a cute idea from the boys.
    Claire Reynolds

  2. WOW, we have some competition NOW!!! Jenny probably forgot her password already or will have get intentions of blogging and just PLUM forget...Now that sounds like the Jennifer we know and she is a NURSE!!! Scary isn't it...HA HA HA

    The notebooks turned out ADORABLE!!! Great idea and thanks for making one for me!!!! That was very sweet of you!! I will have to keep my SU wish list in there...LOL

    We all survived Cousin Night last night, but I can say everyone is tired that is for sure!!! Two went to bed late and two decided it was time to get up way TOOOOOOO early!!!

    Enjoy your day tomorrow sissy and Happy Early Birthday!!!!

  3. Your boys are SO-SO-SO cute!!!! That's great that they had a picnic with her. We do that same thing every now and then.

    WOW about your lucky finds, an how cute you made them.
    Have a good day.

  4. Yeah ladies, you should be scared now! I know how to blog. I did not forget my password yet anyway. Had fun as always with my BFF yesterday. She is such a creative friend & good to have around. We have been friends for over 30 years! Wow that is a long time & yes I am that old. Peg is old today too, it is her birthday! She is still younger than me thought. Look forward to seeing you this next weekend at Sam's graduation party. Love ya.

  5. That is one cute picture of your boys. What a sweet idea!

  6. Told you i was coming over to check your blog out! lol I'll read more later.That was just precious of your boys! And your note book turned out adorable.I carry one around to write down ideas that i see and like and think i can make for myself cheaper!! lol lol Anyhoo,isn't it amazing that our cars know right where the craft store are.And i swear the steering wheel just pulls that way ALL THE TIME!! LOL LOL Maybe the alignment is bad!lol lol Natalie,
    Have a "BLESSED" week!

  7. Oh my gosh did everyone come out of the woodwork? LOL Now we have some stiff competition TaTa. I am glad you all had a good day yesterday. It looked like the boys had fun having lunch with grandma.
    I love the notebooks. You sure do come up with good ideas to make neat things out of just ordinary items. You are like my mom she is the same way! I hope you had a great birthday!