Thursday, May 28, 2009

Samantha's Graduation Party

Jenny's daughter, Samantha, graduated from Kansas University School of Nursing. Jenny and Scott are having a graduation party this Saturday . . . we can't wait! Scott will probably do some type of cooking too . . . so deliciousness is guaranteed on Saturday! Be jealous of us!

I still remember the day she was born and here she is graduating from KU?! Oh my . . . Jen, you feel old yet?! Here's a picture of Samantha and Jenny, with the Baby Jayhawk! Cute picture, huh?

We got Samantha muffin tins (big and mini), Blueberry muffin mixes (her favorite muffins), sandwich press, and putting everything in a laundry basket. Heck . . . take a look at the price of a bag, that will fit all that! A laundry basket only cost $2 (cheaper than a large decorative bag) AND she can use it! Seemed pretty practical to me! She'll be able to use all this when she moves out of the house . . . and depending on the day, Jenny might try and make that day sooner than later?! :o)

Here's the card I made for Sam . . . it's kinda plain, but there's alcohol on it . . . so it's fitting! :o) Congratulations Sam! Quite an achievement there gal . . . way to go!

Ashley, Sam's sister, is having a birthday next week . . . so gotta make a birthday card for her. Gosh, the gals are just growing up too darn fast!

Thanks for stopping by my craft room!


  1. That is a cute pic of the girls. Congratulations to both Sam & Jenny. The gift idea you came up with is great. I love those kind of gifts so I am sure she will love it too. The card is really cute that is the same one that I gave my neice Amanda's boyfriend for his birthday! Have a fun time at the party and eat plenty of goodies for us.

  2. Congrats to Samantha on her graduation! That was a great idea about putting all the goodies in a laundry basket! Have fun at the party!

  3. Ok Peggy make me feel old! It hard to believe I am old enough to have a daughter graduate from college. I hope we can survive the party tomorrow w/all the college kids & a keg of beer! Scott & I will be the designated drivers for them unless they decide to sleep here! The food will be good. Beau's dad Joe is smoking the meats today so they will be ready for tomorrow night. We appreciate Joe's help on this.

  4. Peggy, you are always enjoying life. So tell me, how do you work full time and have time to do all this? I have the hardest time balancing everything!!! YOU GO GIRL!
    Have a great day.