Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Birthday Party!

Patrick's 1/2 birthday party was wonderful! All the kids sang Happy Birthday, before eating their cupcakes . . . it was SO cute! Patrick had such a cute 'lil smile . . . eating it up!

I asked Patrick's teachers, if we could get a picture with them both . . . and of course they obliged. They're such terrific women, to put up with a buttload of screaming preschoolers . . . ALL day! It was so sweet, because when I started to count (to take the picture) . . . Patrick put his arms around both of them! Talking about pulling at your heartstrings?! AWWW . . .

Once I got home, I made a 3"x3" thank you note for the teachers. I just really appreciated them allowing me to come back for the party and snap a bunch of pictures! The class had already sang Happy Birthday to Patrick, but because I came back . . . the teachers had the class sing it again, so I could hear it. How sweet!

Jeri taught us this technique, at her last Make-n-Take . . . with Future (floor wax) and PearlEx. It gives it an iridescent color to it . . . beautiful when you move it back and forth. This picture doesn't do it justice though. The stamp set used: Dear Friend stamp set, a Level I hostess set. You can find PearlEx at Hobby Lobby . . . don't bother with Michael's and Joann's. They'll give you the 'deer in headlight' look, when you talk about it! We're going to make this at the May workshop.

I swear . . . like Grandfather . . . like Grandson! Patrick's barn door is open! Our Mom, when they lived in Chicago, had to put a note on their back door . . . to remind Dad to zip his zipper before he left the house! :o) GEEZ!

Jenny and Laurie rented a Wishes of the Heart (a local scrapbook place) for the weekend . . . along with an 'ole high school buddy of Jenny's (Debbie) and some of Debbie's friends. I'm going by tomorrow night, after work, to drop off some stuff for Jen . . . I'll try and snap a picture of all of them having fun! I'm positive the gals will have a great time!

Hope you're having a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping by my craft room!

Patrick's 1/2 Birthday

We're celebrating Patrick's 1/2 birthday, at school today . . . since he has an August birthday. His "real" 1/2 birthday was actually in February, but they have alot of summer kids in his class . . . so the teachers spread them out a bit.

I made cupcakes, Patrick's choice . . . white cupcake, white icing, and sprinkles! The below picture, I was attempting a Food Network "glamor" shot . . . how'd I do?! :o) Do you have one of these cupcake carriers? If not, I highly recommend it . . . it's wonderful! It holds 24 cupcakes and doesn't get icing bumped on anything! I got it at Walmart, for under $20 . . . we figured since our boys are just starting into elementary school, we'll get alot of years of use!

I took tomorrow off, from work, so I can go to Patrick's party. I don't think I've worked a full week in April . . . so why start the last week of April?! :o) Fannie Jo (AKA: JoJo), a friend at work, and I were discussing the May calendar today. You know . . . May is looking pretty much the same for me! I'm not working a full week until June! These end of school year parties, field trips, and Teacher Appreciation luncheons are detrimental to my vacation balance! I need to attend these things now, because in a few years (so I'm told) . . . the boys won't want anything to do with us, being at school!? That can't be true . . . can it?! :o) Luckily, I get five weeks of vacation every year and have a very understanding (male) boss.

Patrick's really looking forward to this tomorrow! His first school party . . . oh you know I'll be there with my camera!! It'll have to be scrapbooked too!

Have a wonderful day today! Thanks for stopping by my craft room!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Monday!

I had more thank you cards to make and write! Why, you ask? Steff, a friend at my office, coordinated for a group of people to give us 2 dwarf apple trees and 2 rose bushes; in honor of Betty's (Terry's Mom) passing. They're absolutely beautiful! We've talked with the boys, so they understand that whenever they pick an apple from the trees . . . we they can think of Grandma. We've stressed, to the boys, that we can pick & eat the apples, not throw the apples! Oh, I know . . . it's inevitable, but we can dream now . . . right?! :o) We're going to plant them this weekend, in our backyard . . . so I'll be sure to take pictures! Wasn't that sweet of all of them?

Okay . . . I KNOW I'm going to be able to hear Theresa squeal on this one! Look at what I purchased . . . my order came in today, so I had to play! This is the new Matchbox Bigz Xl Die . . . the picture is a rough draft, but we're going to do this at our next workshop! I tried the acetate, for the lid, the score marks didn't come out very well though. Oh no . . . a reason to play?! Theresa had found a blog awhile ago, where they glued a bunch of these together (except you had to cut all them out by hand and were very precise) . . . I can see a future class in the making! :o) I'll keep you posted!

Don't forget to mark your calendars for the next workshop, on Friday - May 22nd @ 6:30P!
If you want a kit . . . it is $15 (paid via PayPal), this price would include your S&H.

Hope everyone had a quality Monday! Thanks for stopping by my craft room!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Graduation Gift

We have been invited to my boss' son graduation party, next month. I've been trying to think of what do you buy an 18 year old boy . . . that he'd give a patootie about?

This is the best I could come up with . . . and it was all for ~ $10! I got the frame at Hobby Lobby for $15.99 (+ 1/2 off) and I got the die cut from Archiver's for $1.99! I ran the die cut through my Xyron adhesive/sticker machine and WAHOO a gift!! Not bad, for a $10 gift, huh? It's heavier than hell though . . . the glass is about 1/2" thick! Guess he could use it as a weapon, in college?! :o)

Terry and his siblings had gone through the basement and were taking an old table to the curb. I asked if I could use it, in my craft room? I was needing one more table, that could fit four/table. Problem? No chairs! So . . . I went to a warehouse outlet today and bought some chairs . . . I'm going to try and convince Terry that I need 'em throughout my craft room! :o) They're pretty darn comfortable!

If you scroll all the way to the bottom, I've included a music playlist. It doesn't automatically come on . . . so please feel free to listen to some of my favorite music. I'll be happy to take requests, to add to it, too! :o) Guess you can tell my age . . . there's an awful lot of 80's music! Funny how music is our acoustic scrapbook . . . it can put you back in time and bring a smile on your face, when reminiscing of the past.

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! Thanks for stopping by my craft room!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Birthday Card + Thank You Card

I've been rearranging my craft room today . . . I've got some more to do, but it's okay for now. I'll post pictures later, I promise!

I had taken the day off today, because Patrick had a field trip. Last year, they let anyone go . . . but this year, they limited it to four cars (and we weren't one of them). :o( Since I haven't worked a full week in April, I decided to ease back into a FULL work week! :o) I'll start it next week!

I made Gary's birthday card. Whatcha think? I put the Liquid
Appliqué on it and then used the heat gun. It makes it puff up, just like the beer foam! I made a couple thank you cards too. It seems that we can't have enough of them lately! :o)

Sheri (Terry's sister) left for Lake of the Ozarks today, where they have a lake house. Terry and Gary are planning on going to leave tomorrow morning for the lake, to help Sheri and her husband with some manual labor. They're going to be back in time for the IRL race on Sunday. I'm going to have a whole lot of bonding time with my 'lil men! WAHOO! Good thing our boys like to craft! I've got some more thank you notes to create! :o)

Have a quality weekend! Thanks for stopping by my craft room!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Here are the boys working away, at their chubby chef card! They were SO excited to color this card . . . isn't it just the cutest?

Okay . . . I'm going to get the WOTY (Wife-of-the-Year) Award! I was talking with our company's President/Chief Executive Officer's (#1 guy) Admin on the phone, she was calling about some Kansas Speedway tickets that one of the officers in our group had asked about. I asked her, nonchalantly, if there were tickets left for the IRL race on Sunday. She asked if I could wait until today, to see if anyone else wanted them . . . well, you know what?! I got two tickets + a preferred parking pass! :o) The reason I'm getting the WOTY Award?! I'm giving the tickets to Terry and his bother, Gary, so they can have some quality time together and to get them away, for a little while, from Mom's house. Jenny, Theresa, and Cyndi (and their spouses) are all going to be out at the race on Sunday . . . so they're all going to meet up and tailgate together! I hope they have a fun time!

Here's a picture of Gary, Terry's older brother, and Sheri, Terry's older sister. Gary is single, if anyone knows of a single gal in Vail, CO?! :o)

I'm going to go make a birthday card, for Gary. His birthday is the 28th . . . I'll post it later.

I hope you have a wonderful evening . . . thanks for stopping by my craft room!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hey there ladies!

Sorry it's been awhile . . . as you can imagine, we've been pretty busy around here. Terry and his siblings are working their 'lil tails off daily! One good thing is I've been stopping by on the way home and we all have dinner together . . . it's really nice to spend some time with Terry's siblings.

Last weekend, I had a workshop at our house and we had alot of fun (on Friday)! On Saturday, Laurie, Claire, Theresa, and Jenny came over to play . . . we had some great female bonding time! :o) You know that I failed to take one picture?! On Sunday afternoon, Jeri had her M&T workshop. Being around the gals again and crafting, was very therapeutic for my mental health!

Here are the projects the girls made: I changed the "Cheers to You" card, to include some foam on the top of the mug and a piece of regal rose behind the drinks. Don't the drinks look good enough to drink though?! We also made a 'lil chubby chef . . . like there are skinny ones?! Had to make something for May flowers/Mother's Day . . . so we made a flower pot card and a seed packet holder. I made three extra, to give to the boys teachers for Teacher Appreciation day! I'm going to try and fit two seed packets in the holder . . . we'll see?!

Nathan & Patrick even made a couple of the cards too . . . I'll upload those pictures this week. They're just too cute!

The next workshop is Friday - May 22nd @ 6:30P. If you want a kit . . . it is $15 (paid via PayPal), this price would include your S&H. All your projects will include instructions and any stamping/embossing that would need to done ahead of time. Pretty much all you'll have to do is cut and glue! Pretty easy, huh? Just let me know and I'll send 'em to you.

Thank you, to those of you that sent comforting e-mails and cards this past week! Your thoughtfulness is very appreciated!

Hope you have a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping by my craft room!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Mother-in-Law

We lost a dear and sweet lady yesterday. Terry's Mom, Betty, just couldn't fight the infection any longer; that had put her in the hospital last Monday. The physicians told Terry and his siblings that she probably wouldn't last through the day, on Wednesday. She proved them wrong on Wednesday, but then she was not responsive at all on Thursday. She was the best Mother-in-Law a gal could wish for, a wonderful Mom of three, and a fantastic Grandma! She adored spending time with Nathan and Patrick SO much.

Monday afternoons were Grandma date day. Each Monday afternoon, after school, Terry and the boys went over for lunch and spend time with Grandma. They'd bake cookies, play outside, or just sit and color with Grandma. The boys would make an absolute mess, when they baked, but she didn't care . . . they all were having fun! :o) At 88 years young, she outlived two husbands, still lived alone, drove herself everywhere, and made the most delicious meals when we'd come over for dinner!

I've been asked to get a PowerPoint presentation together, with pictures throughout her life. It's so heartwarming to look through all these pictures and see what a wonderful life she'd had, as I'm tearing up just talking about it. We have services and such on Tuesday morning . . . so it'll probably be awhile before I post again. I just wanted to let my 'lil blog friends know what is going on. Thank you again for the thoughts and prayers, this past week!

Thanks for stopping by my craft room! Have a wonderful Easter!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sorry it's been so long since I posted last!

Oh my gosh, let me tell you what's been going on at our household, for the past week.
Thursday: I didn't go to work. Terry had a 102 degree temperature and was light headed every time he sat up. Days like this make me SO appreciate what Terry does during the day, everyday! If you are unaware, Terry is a stay-at-home Dad . . . has been since Nathan was born. This was the first time ever, that Terry asked me to stay at home . . . so I knew he didn't feel well! Boys got a bubble bath that night! Felt like we all needed something special, to help perk up the household!
Friday: I had already planned a vacation day at work . . . but man was I busy! I had Kindergarten Round-Up, for Patrick, in the morning and then Parent/Teacher conferences in the afternoon, with Nathan's teachers. On Friday night: Jenny came over and spent the night.
Saturday: Jenny and I had our punch class at Jeri's house and then we went to The Scrapbook Page for their free make & takes (I'll post pictures tomorrow). I started coming down with a sore throat. Saturday night was supposed to be Cousin Night (at Theresa's house), but Bruce (husband) and Brent (youngest son) were both sick. This was meant to be!! :o)
Sunday: My throat was REALLY hurting . . . being a typical Mom . . . I thought it would go away and didn't go to urgent care . . . DUMB on my part! :o)
Monday and Tuesday: Stayed home both days sick from work! I did end up going to the Dr on Monday afternoon . . . the initial strep test came back negative, but wanted to do another one. That test will come back tomorrow (48 hours). Yesterday, Terry's Mom got checked into the hospital because of dehydration and flu like symptoms. Today, Patrick and I snuggled alot . . . he had a 101 degree temperature! GEEZ! This 'lil bug just needs to go away!! The boys (and Terry) are loving it though, because I haven't been talking, or yelling, as much! :o)

I got this information from a friends blog, but just had to pass along! If you don't have a Cuttlebug, but want to try and win one . . . you've got to check out this blog! Melissa is giving away lots of blog candy, including a brand new Cuttlebug to a lucky gal that follows her blog and/or leaves a comment. Check out the details at her blog. Good luck!

I'm sorry, but this is really the first time, since last Friday, that I've even felt like checking my personal e-mails, etc. I have so many blog-friends to catch up on too! I'll post the pictures of what Jenny and I made last Saturday, at The Scrapbook Page (local scrapbooking store).

Thanks for stopping by my craft room.

p.s. I failed to mention, when I posted the March winners, that Sandra (winner of the cardboard fairies) has a blog . . . be sure to check out Sandra's blog! She's a very creative crafty woman!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

March Winners!

Congratulations to the following winners . . . drum roll please . . .

Sale-A-Bration Winner, for a Heart to Heart Punch: Jenny
  1. Jenny -Timestamp: 2009-04-01 23:13:23 UTC
March Blog Candy Winner, for either Paperboard Fairies or Chipboard Queens: Sandra
  1. Sandra - Timestamp: 2009-04-01 23:19:42 UTC
Sandra, please e-mail me and let me know which one you want (along with you home address).

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Thanks for stopping my my craft room! Congratulations gals!