Thursday, April 23, 2009

Here are the boys working away, at their chubby chef card! They were SO excited to color this card . . . isn't it just the cutest?

Okay . . . I'm going to get the WOTY (Wife-of-the-Year) Award! I was talking with our company's President/Chief Executive Officer's (#1 guy) Admin on the phone, she was calling about some Kansas Speedway tickets that one of the officers in our group had asked about. I asked her, nonchalantly, if there were tickets left for the IRL race on Sunday. She asked if I could wait until today, to see if anyone else wanted them . . . well, you know what?! I got two tickets + a preferred parking pass! :o) The reason I'm getting the WOTY Award?! I'm giving the tickets to Terry and his bother, Gary, so they can have some quality time together and to get them away, for a little while, from Mom's house. Jenny, Theresa, and Cyndi (and their spouses) are all going to be out at the race on Sunday . . . so they're all going to meet up and tailgate together! I hope they have a fun time!

Here's a picture of Gary, Terry's older brother, and Sheri, Terry's older sister. Gary is single, if anyone knows of a single gal in Vail, CO?! :o)

I'm going to go make a birthday card, for Gary. His birthday is the 28th . . . I'll post it later.

I hope you have a wonderful evening . . . thanks for stopping by my craft room!


  1. are a nice wife...

  2. Ok anonymous comment was Steff...still trying to figure it out...

  3. You rock sister!!! Do you think you could see if you could get me a parking pass toooooooo?? HA HA HA It is very nice that you are doing this for Terry and Gary!!!
    Make sure you post your card you make for Gary! Do any of your followers live in Atlanta? If they do, they are getting one heck of a nice looking and an awesome "Tight" End from Kansas City! What a sad day it is for me! I will miss watching him at Arrowhead Stadium that is for sure and holding my "bling" #88 up in the crowd!!!! He will be missed!! I hope he does well for Atlanta!

  4. You should get WOTY award no matter what. I am sure Terry & Gary will have a great time. Enjoy your weekend you deserve it.

  5. Peggy,

    That was so sweet of you! I hope that they have a great time.