Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Did you think I fell off the face of the earth?! :o) Gosh, it's been super busy at home and at work!

Dad asked Theresa and I to set aside a day, that we could get together at his house, to go through the last of our Mom's belongings. Between our schedules, it is the middle of November! It's just crazy and then boom . . . we're into the holiday season! Oh my gosh!

Terry (my DH), and another school Dad, are Tiger Cub Leaders . . . yes, I'm a Tiger Cub Mom and couldn't be prouder! Just look at that 'lil man?! They're going on their first camp-out this weekend! Nathan is SO excited!

There is a bunch of us gals getting together the following weekend, for a scrapbook convention here in Kansas City. We're all staying at the Embassy Suites, on Thursday
and Friday night. This little Halloween project was on the Stampin' Up! website and once I saw it, I just had to purchase the stamp set and make it! Is it cute or what?! It fits two (or three) of the little mini candy bars . . . great for giving a little somethin'-somethin' to those next-door neighbors. Hope you gals enjoy making them, 'cause for those of you comin' . . . they're in your welcome packet!

The weekend before Halloween, I'm a vendor at a Craft Bazaar. It's going to be at St. Joseph Elementary School, in Shawnee. Theresa and Jenny have been nice enough to volunteer to help me. The Bazaar is from 9:00A - 4:00P.
Just e-mail me if you need directions . . . we love to see a friendly face or two! :o)

I'll try to post more frequently . . . I'll really try!!

Thanks for stopping by my craft room!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Gift Card Holder

Okay . . . so Patrick did NOT stay up past intermission at Starlight (as his usual). I thought for sure he'd make it through the whole thing. Poor thing tries, but that 9:00P internal clock hits and boom . . . he's out! At one time, he did wake up briefly and started singing along (half out of it). Since we had quite a walk back to the car, we woke him up right before the last two songs (the ones they sing at the end of the movie) and he was just a singin' along . . . too cute! He was singing all the way back to the car!

I do check Dawn Griffith's website often, for inspiration . . . I saw this Gift Card Holder video and knew I just had to make one (okay . . . I fess up . . . I made 10 of 'em)! I'm going to sell them at the craft show, at the end of October.

Oh my gosh . . . isn't it cute?! I do love the colors Dawn did, but since I don't have any Elegant Eggplant paper, ribbon, or ink at home . . . I had to change mine up a bit (to Real Red paper, ink, and ribbon). We're so going to do this next month girls! Cute (and easy) little gift card holder and the Whisper White belly band keeps it closed!

Hope your day was fantastic . . . thanks for stopping by my craft room!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

September Projects

Okay . . . here's the sneak peak of your upcoming September workshop projects! The sympathy card, posted on 9/4, scalloped spider (made with a York Peppermint Patty), grocery list, and a Halloween card! If you haven't RSVP'd yet, please be sure to do so on/by Monday. Hope to see you next week!

This Saturday night, we're going to see Mamma Mia! at Starlight Theatre (an outdoor theater here in Kansas City) . . . Patrick is SO looking forward to this! I think he's more excited than I am. He has normally fallen asleep during the intermission . . . I bet he stays awake for this one! It's supposed to pour down rain this Saturday . . . guess we'd better bring our ponchos, since they don't allow umbrellas! Can't wait for an evening of Mamma Mia with my fellas!

Be sure to RSVP me! I'll have the White Russians chilling! :o)

Thanks for stopping by my craft room!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Sympathy Card

The one card I dislike making is a sympathy card, because you're having to make a card for someone that lost a loved one.

Growing up, Theresa and I had older neighbors on each side of us. The funniest story (now) is one weekend our parents trusted us enough, to be gone the WHOLE weekend! All our parents asked us to do is water the garden (tomato plants) . . . well, Theresa and I turned on the water after they left . . . and then kinda forgot about it. Mr. & Mrs. Gunther, upon our parents return, asked if they'd asked us to water the garden vegetables ALL weekend. Our Dad went out to the garden, and about sunk up to his knees! :o)

Mrs. Gunther's passed away last weekend. This is the card we've sent to Mr. Gunther, along with a recent picture of me and the boys inside.

There is six of us gals (Laurie, Jenny, Tammy, Cara, Theresa, and me) getting together tonight at a local crop home. We're only there from 5P - 11P . . . but we're going to have alot of fun. Between kids games and normal life, this is the only night before Christmas that all of us could get together! I'm going to work on crafts, for the upcoming craft bazaar in October. I've decided to only do one of 'em, I think two back to back is just going to be too much. Theresa and Jenny have agreed that they'll help me out that day too! Am I lucky or what?! I'll upload pictures of the projects, as I complete them.

For those of you attending the September workshop (15th & 18th) . . . this is one of your 'lil cards you'll be making!

I hope you have a safe and relaxing holiday weekend! Thanks for stopping by my craft room!