Sunday, September 13, 2009

Gift Card Holder

Okay . . . so Patrick did NOT stay up past intermission at Starlight (as his usual). I thought for sure he'd make it through the whole thing. Poor thing tries, but that 9:00P internal clock hits and boom . . . he's out! At one time, he did wake up briefly and started singing along (half out of it). Since we had quite a walk back to the car, we woke him up right before the last two songs (the ones they sing at the end of the movie) and he was just a singin' along . . . too cute! He was singing all the way back to the car!

I do check Dawn Griffith's website often, for inspiration . . . I saw this Gift Card Holder video and knew I just had to make one (okay . . . I fess up . . . I made 10 of 'em)! I'm going to sell them at the craft show, at the end of October.

Oh my gosh . . . isn't it cute?! I do love the colors Dawn did, but since I don't have any Elegant Eggplant paper, ribbon, or ink at home . . . I had to change mine up a bit (to Real Red paper, ink, and ribbon). We're so going to do this next month girls! Cute (and easy) little gift card holder and the Whisper White belly band keeps it closed!

Hope your day was fantastic . . . thanks for stopping by my craft room!

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