Tuesday, November 30, 2010

BSA Locomotive

I did something I hadn't done before . . . a solid colored background, with nothing else! I wanted the pictures to be the focal point.

The background color IS the color of the locomotive though, using the color picker, and used the color picker again . . . for the photo mats colors. Why not? The colors all look great on the train, why not incoporate the colors . . . easy peasy!

I'm feeling pretty comfortable with scrapbook pages, using MDS, I really need to try my hand at the cards! I'll try it an then post what happened . . . good, bad, or ugly . . . I promise! Giving myself a challenge there, aren't I?

Hope you're having a great day! Thanks for stopping by my craft room!

Monday, November 29, 2010

First KU Game

We took the boys to their first KU game, ealier this month. Nathan & Patrick had an absolute blast!

I'd toyed with what to use as a background . . . the solid KU blue was okay . . . but it didn't pop. I'd taken a picture of the crowd . . . so I'd enlarged it (it pixelated, but that's okay) and then changed the opacity to 25%. You still still see the blue background . . . but you can somewhat see the crowd too, just kind of intermingled. :o) This is one of my favorite ways of doing backgrounds.

I'm definitely catching up on getting pictures into MDS (My Digital Studio) scrapbook pages! I'm having so much fun playing with MDS . . . I think I got another weekend event to scrapbook, when we took the boys to see the BSA train engine.

Happy Monday! Thanks for stopping by my craft room!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Family Hayride Night

Hope everyone's Thankgiving holiday went well. The four of us stayed here at home and had a nice/little Thanksgiving dinner. I did get to contribute (a little) in the making of our dinner . . . I made my Mom's dressing recipe. The rest of the dinner, Terry made . . . and he did a fantastic job too! Nathan sure did put away Grandma Betty's cranberry salad! :o)

After a week, I am doing much better! I'm only taken pain medication 3 times a day and I've expaned into canned corn today! WAHOO! :o) I'm using the boy's old baby spoons, so that I don't get overly confident and take too much of a bite . . . knew keeping these things on hand would help out someday?!

I did get out the laptop today, to do some digital scrapbooking . . . the boy's pack has an annual Family Hayride Night. We always have a great time with Caleb's (Nathan's BFF) family.

I just love the picture of Caleb, Nathan, Patrick, and Jim (Caleb's Dad), on the hayride, bottom right picture. Isn't it a cute picture of them? I share the scrapbook pages I finish, with Caleb's Mom . . . she loves taking pictures, but that's about as far as the pictures get. I'm trying to get her on the side . . .

The boys go back to school tomorrow. :o( I'm sure going to miss my 'lil snuggle-buddies!

Thanks for stopping by my craftroom! Hope you have fantastic week!


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanksgiving Cards

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile . . . I've been working some late hours and then when I get home, it's time to eat dinner, finish up homework, take baths, and then go to bed. It's just been a bit of a worldwind . . . it'll calm down in awhile . . .

To add a bit more wind . . . I needed to have my tonsils taken out. Since I've had strep throat 5 times a year, over the past 2 years, I guess is too much!? So we schedule it for last Friday. I'll be off of work for 2 weeks. I promise that I behaving by taking all my medication on time, keeping my voice to a minimum, and relaxing. I think Terry is liking the quietness around the house too! :o) All I can say is, "thank goodness for pain medication!" :o)

This morning, at 4:30A, I couldn't sleep . . . and the house was so quiet! So . . . since I hadn't made Thanksgiving cards yet, for our families . . . I figured WHY NOT NOW?! :o) The "card" is inside the craft pocket. Whatcha think?
Thank you for stopping by my craft room! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!