Monday, November 29, 2010

First KU Game

We took the boys to their first KU game, ealier this month. Nathan & Patrick had an absolute blast!

I'd toyed with what to use as a background . . . the solid KU blue was okay . . . but it didn't pop. I'd taken a picture of the crowd . . . so I'd enlarged it (it pixelated, but that's okay) and then changed the opacity to 25%. You still still see the blue background . . . but you can somewhat see the crowd too, just kind of intermingled. :o) This is one of my favorite ways of doing backgrounds.

I'm definitely catching up on getting pictures into MDS (My Digital Studio) scrapbook pages! I'm having so much fun playing with MDS . . . I think I got another weekend event to scrapbook, when we took the boys to see the BSA train engine.

Happy Monday! Thanks for stopping by my craft room!

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