Friday, September 4, 2009

Sympathy Card

The one card I dislike making is a sympathy card, because you're having to make a card for someone that lost a loved one.

Growing up, Theresa and I had older neighbors on each side of us. The funniest story (now) is one weekend our parents trusted us enough, to be gone the WHOLE weekend! All our parents asked us to do is water the garden (tomato plants) . . . well, Theresa and I turned on the water after they left . . . and then kinda forgot about it. Mr. & Mrs. Gunther, upon our parents return, asked if they'd asked us to water the garden vegetables ALL weekend. Our Dad went out to the garden, and about sunk up to his knees! :o)

Mrs. Gunther's passed away last weekend. This is the card we've sent to Mr. Gunther, along with a recent picture of me and the boys inside.

There is six of us gals (Laurie, Jenny, Tammy, Cara, Theresa, and me) getting together tonight at a local crop home. We're only there from 5P - 11P . . . but we're going to have alot of fun. Between kids games and normal life, this is the only night before Christmas that all of us could get together! I'm going to work on crafts, for the upcoming craft bazaar in October. I've decided to only do one of 'em, I think two back to back is just going to be too much. Theresa and Jenny have agreed that they'll help me out that day too! Am I lucky or what?! I'll upload pictures of the projects, as I complete them.

For those of you attending the September workshop (15th & 18th) . . . this is one of your 'lil cards you'll be making!

I hope you have a safe and relaxing holiday weekend! Thanks for stopping by my craft room!

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  1. That is a funny story! Sorry to hear of your old neighbor's passing.