Saturday, August 29, 2009

Where has August gone?!

Okay . . . where has August gone?! I can't believe Labor Day weekend is NEXT weekend! Christmas is only a little less than four months away!

We're planning on taking the camper to Springfield, Missouri (over Labor Day weekend) . . . could possibly be our last 'lil trip with our camper this year, depending on the Kansas weather! We're going to Fantastic Caverns
(a drive through cave), Lambert's (home of the throwed rolls), Wild Animal Safari, and of course Bass Pro! We just love spending family time in our 'lil camper.

I gotta tell 'ya . . . Jenny, Theresa, and I spent last weekend at the Suite Crop, sponsored by Creative Memories at Embassy Suites hotel. There were 65 rooms rented, just for the Suite Crop! I had an epiphany while we were there . . . have you noticed there is no such thing as a bulimic scrapbooker?! :o) Oh my gosh, we had so much fun! Have you ever done a weekend, with just your girlfriends? I'd never done anything like that before, without all my fellas . . . felt kinda awkward . . . but it was alot of fun, to be with a great group of creative women!

I brought alot of my stuff in an old rolling Christmas tree tub . . . we called it the "green
coffin" all weekend. The darn thing even had a warning on the lid and everything, that it's not suitable for people to lay in . . . I couldn't lay in it (it still had stuff in it) . . . but I could definitely sit in it! I think Theresa was ready to wet her pants while she took this picture, because she was laughing so hard! With all joking aside . . . I gotta tell 'ya, that thing can pack ALOT of stuff (not with me in it of course), it fits great in the back of my car, and it's rollers! BONUS! I'll definitely be bringing this to future crops!

Us gals are going to go back to Embassy Suites, for the CK Convention, in October. We rented their adjoining executive board rooms . . . oh what fun we're going to have! We figured that we could finish up any UFO (Un-Finished Objects/Projects)
there and since the convention is right down the street . . . it's perfect! No travel time!

I'm planning two school bazaars, in late October. I've already warned Terry (husband), because I'm having to purchase more paper, pails, and stamp sets . . . oh my! :o)
As I finish the projects, I'll post 'em here on the blog.

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend! Thanks for stopping by my craft room!


  1. I love that green pull-along. What a great idea. Enjoy your scrapping and traveling. Good to see you yesterday. PeggyM

  2. I hope you are having great time this weekend! Sounds like you all had a great time at the scrappers convention!