Sunday, August 16, 2009

Celebrating Patrick's Birthday . . .

We celebrated Patrick's birthday yesterday, with our relatives . . . his actual birthday isn't until Thursday. Gosh they're going up so fast!

Patrick cracked us all up, when he opened Tata (Aunt Theresa), Uncle Bruce, Jackson, and Brent's present, and said: "I've wanted this my whole life!" His whole FIVE years on this earth?! (giggling) Too cute, huh?

Today, Brent (Theresa's youngest) is supposed to have baseball try-outs . . . but it's raining cats & dogs here in KC today! So . . . I honestly think Theresa & Bruce's day just opened up! :o) Oh what are we going to do?!?! Well, go shopping, of course! I'm picking Theresa up @ 11A today, to go up to Archiver's . . . she needs some supplies, for next weekend!

See . . . Theresa, Jenny, and I are going to a Suite Crop next weekend . . . just the three of us girls (with about 200 other gals at Embassy Suites)! :o) Gosh we're sure married to some wonderful men, aren't we? To allow us to go somewhere and crop all weekend . . . of course I think they like the whole time with just men around too?! :o) As my Dad put it yesterday, "A No Rules Weekend" . . . is he trying to make a statement here?!

I got this coupon, in my e-mail, from Michael's . . . for a coupon that is good today on 25% off, even sale items! Great deal, huh? Just had to share.

Have a quality day today! Thank you for stopping by my craft room!


  1. Happy Birthday Patrick! I'm glad that he had a great party!

  2. Happy Birthday to my little buddy! I hope you have a great day! The cake looks yummy! I hope you girls have a great time this weekend. I really wish I was going now but hey I have October to look forward to now! Woohoo!!!! I hope you have a great week and I also hope the boys have great first days of school.