Monday, August 10, 2009

Sorry it's been so long . . .

Sorry it's been so long, since I last posted, but believe me . . . ALOT has been happening, since June!

Started swimming lessons . . . until 2 weeks into it . . . Nathan, our oldest, broke his arm from playing on our swingset (the break was too high, so they couldn't cast it - talk about walking on pins and needles!) . . . we bought a camper . . . and went to Branson on a week long vacation. Now, it's back to work . . . and in another week, it's back to school! It's been a summer whirlwind, but enjoyable all the same.

I'm having a workshop @ my house, this Friday night at 6:30P. Here are three, of the four, projects you'll be making (see below)! The card will be posted by Wednesday.

Thanks for stopping by my craft room . . . I sure have missed you gals!


  1. YEA, you're back. I began to worry about you!!! Branson sounds like a good place to vacation. I hear it's wonderful there.

    Have a great day.

  2. Oh my gosh! There really is a angel and she is back to blogging. WOOHOO!!!!! I know things have been crazy this summer for your family in more ways than one. Any who I am glad to see you blog again.
    WELCOME BACK Peggy!!!!!!!!!!
    Luv ya,

  3. Glad that you are back! Sorry to hear about Nathan's arm. I hope he is better! Sounds like you guys had a great vacation!

  4. WOOHOO Sissy, your blogging!!!!! Sorry for the delay, but ya just never know when I will have internet service or not!!!! LOL You guys have been busy that is for sure, but I am looking forward to reading and seeing updates!!!! See ya on Friday night!!!! I think I will be ready for a QUIET and RELAXING evening with a White Russian in my hand!!! WOOHOO