Monday, August 17, 2009

Well . . . we got our 1st Grader off to school, this morning, and guess what?! There were no tears (Nathan, Mommy, or Daddy)! Patrick starts school on Wednesday . . . so I must be saving up! :o)

Theresa and I went to Archiver's yesterday, to get paper and stuff for this coming weekend. When we were there, we saw the cutest 'lil pails and thought they'd be really cute for teacher gifts later. The one they'd made was for a "Road Trip", with a tag for a gas card and it was full of candy. Since this didn't pertain to us . . . we came to my house and started making one, that was more for teachers. What do you think? Did it turn out cute? Archiver's only had 3 of these pails, but we needed 4 total (for our boy's teachers) . . . so I'd asked to be put on the list, once they get 'em in (they'd ordered 24). Well . . . after we'd made this one . . . we started another one . . . THEN we called Archiver's and we asked to purchase all 24 of them! :o) I have a craft bazaar, at the boy's school, in late October. Wouldn't these be cute to sell? We're going to sell them for $12 each (empty). We used some Stampin' Up! Designer paper and then ran it through the Cuttlebug. What do you think?

We did a crayon one . . . but I gotta get some cute ribbon for that. I'll try and upload that later, maybe tomorrow or Wednesday?! :o)

Well . . . going to take Patrick up to Michael's and get the ribbon. Hope you have a fantastic day!

Thanks for stopping by my craft room!

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