Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I wanted to thank you all for welcoming me back! I feel so loved by you gals! :o) Thank you again! I really have missed blogging . . . now I gotta go back and read what all of you have written on YOUR blogs, to see what's been going on in your lives! :o)

For those of you coming to the workshop, on Friday night, here is the card you're going to make . . . by popular demand/request! I CASE'd this card from Jeri. We'd made this card at her workshop a few months ago. Isn't it pretty? Honestly. . . if you see a card, box, or decor item that you'd like to make . . . e-mail it to me! We'll fit it in and make it!

Tomorrow night is our Ice Cream Social, at the boys school . . . this is the first year that they'll be at the same school! WAHOO! Patrick isn't going to full day Kindergarten though . . . so Terry's day is still broken up in three hour increments! :o( I bet he's looking forward to next year?!

I've got a pretty rough work week next week . . . Monday is Nathan's first day back to school (1st Grade), Tuesday we have Kindergarten Conferences/Orientation, Wednesday is Patrick's first day at the school (Kindergarten), Thursday we have the boy's annual physical appointment, then on Friday . . . drum roll please . . . Jenny, Theresa, and I are going a Suite Crop (at Embassy Suites)! I'm taking off Monday and Wednesday . . . the rest of the days I'll be leaving early . . . ROUGH WEEK, huh?! :o) Wish me well! :o)

I'll try and play paparazzi tomorrow night, at the school social! Thanks for stopping by my craft room!


  1. Glad you're back! Sorry I was a bad blog reader and missed welcoming you back last night. It does sound like a rough week ahead, I bet you're not looking forward to that at all :)

  2. That is a pretty card! I hope you guys have fun making it. Sounds like you will have a full week!