Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sorry it's been so long since I posted last!

Oh my gosh, let me tell you what's been going on at our household, for the past week.
Thursday: I didn't go to work. Terry had a 102 degree temperature and was light headed every time he sat up. Days like this make me SO appreciate what Terry does during the day, everyday! If you are unaware, Terry is a stay-at-home Dad . . . has been since Nathan was born. This was the first time ever, that Terry asked me to stay at home . . . so I knew he didn't feel well! Boys got a bubble bath that night! Felt like we all needed something special, to help perk up the household!
Friday: I had already planned a vacation day at work . . . but man was I busy! I had Kindergarten Round-Up, for Patrick, in the morning and then Parent/Teacher conferences in the afternoon, with Nathan's teachers. On Friday night: Jenny came over and spent the night.
Saturday: Jenny and I had our punch class at Jeri's house and then we went to The Scrapbook Page for their free make & takes (I'll post pictures tomorrow). I started coming down with a sore throat. Saturday night was supposed to be Cousin Night (at Theresa's house), but Bruce (husband) and Brent (youngest son) were both sick. This was meant to be!! :o)
Sunday: My throat was REALLY hurting . . . being a typical Mom . . . I thought it would go away and didn't go to urgent care . . . DUMB on my part! :o)
Monday and Tuesday: Stayed home both days sick from work! I did end up going to the Dr on Monday afternoon . . . the initial strep test came back negative, but wanted to do another one. That test will come back tomorrow (48 hours). Yesterday, Terry's Mom got checked into the hospital because of dehydration and flu like symptoms. Today, Patrick and I snuggled alot . . . he had a 101 degree temperature! GEEZ! This 'lil bug just needs to go away!! The boys (and Terry) are loving it though, because I haven't been talking, or yelling, as much! :o)

I got this information from a friends blog, but just had to pass along! If you don't have a Cuttlebug, but want to try and win one . . . you've got to check out this blog! Melissa is giving away lots of blog candy, including a brand new Cuttlebug to a lucky gal that follows her blog and/or leaves a comment. Check out the details at her blog. Good luck!

I'm sorry, but this is really the first time, since last Friday, that I've even felt like checking my personal e-mails, etc. I have so many blog-friends to catch up on too! I'll post the pictures of what Jenny and I made last Saturday, at The Scrapbook Page (local scrapbooking store).

Thanks for stopping by my craft room.

p.s. I failed to mention, when I posted the March winners, that Sandra (winner of the cardboard fairies) has a blog . . . be sure to check out Sandra's blog! She's a very creative crafty woman!


  1. Oh goodness, Peggy! Your household sounds like it's been a hospital bay all week. I hope all of you (Terry's Mom included) are feeling much better soon!

  2. I miss it when you do not blog but I totally understand. Terry's mom is in my prayers I hope everything goes well. You all need to get better we need a play date soon! LOL
    Here's to praying you all get well soon.

  3. OOOPS!!! I wanted to wish everyone a Very Happy Easter!!