Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Mother-in-Law

We lost a dear and sweet lady yesterday. Terry's Mom, Betty, just couldn't fight the infection any longer; that had put her in the hospital last Monday. The physicians told Terry and his siblings that she probably wouldn't last through the day, on Wednesday. She proved them wrong on Wednesday, but then she was not responsive at all on Thursday. She was the best Mother-in-Law a gal could wish for, a wonderful Mom of three, and a fantastic Grandma! She adored spending time with Nathan and Patrick SO much.

Monday afternoons were Grandma date day. Each Monday afternoon, after school, Terry and the boys went over for lunch and spend time with Grandma. They'd bake cookies, play outside, or just sit and color with Grandma. The boys would make an absolute mess, when they baked, but she didn't care . . . they all were having fun! :o) At 88 years young, she outlived two husbands, still lived alone, drove herself everywhere, and made the most delicious meals when we'd come over for dinner!

I've been asked to get a PowerPoint presentation together, with pictures throughout her life. It's so heartwarming to look through all these pictures and see what a wonderful life she'd had, as I'm tearing up just talking about it. We have services and such on Tuesday morning . . . so it'll probably be awhile before I post again. I just wanted to let my 'lil blog friends know what is going on. Thank you again for the thoughts and prayers, this past week!

Thanks for stopping by my craft room! Have a wonderful Easter!


  1. So sorry Peggy! I am sure that she will be greatly missed. Keeping you and your family in my prayers!

  2. I was sorry to hear about Betty. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family right now. Stay strong and be comforted to know that truly is in a much better place now!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear this, Peggy--she sounds like a wonderful woman, grandma, mother-in law and mother. This must be a very hard time for Terry and the boys...thinking of you all..

  4. Peggy, I am sincerely sorry to read about the passing of your mother in-law. I'm so glad you had a great relationship with her, and are filled with great memories. Take care the next few days. Thought and prayers are with you.