Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Monday!

I had more thank you cards to make and write! Why, you ask? Steff, a friend at my office, coordinated for a group of people to give us 2 dwarf apple trees and 2 rose bushes; in honor of Betty's (Terry's Mom) passing. They're absolutely beautiful! We've talked with the boys, so they understand that whenever they pick an apple from the trees . . . we they can think of Grandma. We've stressed, to the boys, that we can pick & eat the apples, not throw the apples! Oh, I know . . . it's inevitable, but we can dream now . . . right?! :o) We're going to plant them this weekend, in our backyard . . . so I'll be sure to take pictures! Wasn't that sweet of all of them?

Okay . . . I KNOW I'm going to be able to hear Theresa squeal on this one! Look at what I purchased . . . my order came in today, so I had to play! This is the new Matchbox Bigz Xl Die . . . the picture is a rough draft, but we're going to do this at our next workshop! I tried the acetate, for the lid, the score marks didn't come out very well though. Oh no . . . a reason to play?! Theresa had found a blog awhile ago, where they glued a bunch of these together (except you had to cut all them out by hand and were very precise) . . . I can see a future class in the making! :o) I'll keep you posted!

Don't forget to mark your calendars for the next workshop, on Friday - May 22nd @ 6:30P!
If you want a kit . . . it is $15 (paid via PayPal), this price would include your S&H.

Hope everyone had a quality Monday! Thanks for stopping by my craft room!


  1. WOOHOO!!!! Oh sister, we need to have a class for sure....Those won't be too bad now!! You didn't tell me that you were ordering this!!! It's like Christmas!!! WOOHOO How exciting!!!! Oh my could you just imagine some SU great designer paper and all of the lovely brads....Better place my order right? LOL Can you imagine me saying...LOVE IT!!!!! (Dawn jr.)

  2. OOPS, sorry my excitement got the best of me...I forgot to tell you that your cards really turned out pretty. The blue one reminds me of Grandma Izzy!!! Enjoy planting the trees, you might want to see if they need some miracle grow or some extra source of food to help them grow and produce yummy products!!! Just a thought!!!

  3. Ah.. how sweet of your friend at work. A tree is a great thing to plant and use as a rememberance of a loved one. I hope it is fruitful and you all enjoy it!

    Your cards are beautiful!

  4. You'll really enjoy the apple trees and rose bushes! We have a little flower garden for our little girl that passed away. I love to look out the back window and remember her.

    YEA!!! A new thing to play with! It will be fun to see what you come up with. It always is!!

    Have a great day.

  5. What a wonderful gift from your friends. We did that for my cousin when they lost their little girl. I love the way your cards turned out they are really cute. I am looking forward to the workshop.