Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Patrick's 1/2 Birthday

We're celebrating Patrick's 1/2 birthday, at school today . . . since he has an August birthday. His "real" 1/2 birthday was actually in February, but they have alot of summer kids in his class . . . so the teachers spread them out a bit.

I made cupcakes, Patrick's choice . . . white cupcake, white icing, and sprinkles! The below picture, I was attempting a Food Network "glamor" shot . . . how'd I do?! :o) Do you have one of these cupcake carriers? If not, I highly recommend it . . . it's wonderful! It holds 24 cupcakes and doesn't get icing bumped on anything! I got it at Walmart, for under $20 . . . we figured since our boys are just starting into elementary school, we'll get alot of years of use!

I took tomorrow off, from work, so I can go to Patrick's party. I don't think I've worked a full week in April . . . so why start the last week of April?! :o) Fannie Jo (AKA: JoJo), a friend at work, and I were discussing the May calendar today. You know . . . May is looking pretty much the same for me! I'm not working a full week until June! These end of school year parties, field trips, and Teacher Appreciation luncheons are detrimental to my vacation balance! I need to attend these things now, because in a few years (so I'm told) . . . the boys won't want anything to do with us, being at school!? That can't be true . . . can it?! :o) Luckily, I get five weeks of vacation every year and have a very understanding (male) boss.

Patrick's really looking forward to this tomorrow! His first school party . . . oh you know I'll be there with my camera!! It'll have to be scrapbooked too!

Have a wonderful day today! Thanks for stopping by my craft room!


  1. The cupcakes look so good! I hope he has a great party!

  2. Those cupcakes look really tasty!!!! Neat carrier also!! We can't make things to bring to our school, everything has to be store bought!!!! Great Job!!!

  3. OMG! Tell Patrick happy 1/2 birthday for me. I remember those days. I spent all my vacation time on school parties, field trips, sick kids, etc. Believe me enjoy it now while you can. They really do love it when you are there. I feel sorry for the parents that do not attend these wonderful events they are missing out on some really precious memories. Those cupcakes look scrumpdilicious too!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh by the way you are not only a great wife you are a great MOM!!!!!