Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hey there ladies!

Sorry it's been awhile . . . as you can imagine, we've been pretty busy around here. Terry and his siblings are working their 'lil tails off daily! One good thing is I've been stopping by on the way home and we all have dinner together . . . it's really nice to spend some time with Terry's siblings.

Last weekend, I had a workshop at our house and we had alot of fun (on Friday)! On Saturday, Laurie, Claire, Theresa, and Jenny came over to play . . . we had some great female bonding time! :o) You know that I failed to take one picture?! On Sunday afternoon, Jeri had her M&T workshop. Being around the gals again and crafting, was very therapeutic for my mental health!

Here are the projects the girls made: I changed the "Cheers to You" card, to include some foam on the top of the mug and a piece of regal rose behind the drinks. Don't the drinks look good enough to drink though?! We also made a 'lil chubby chef . . . like there are skinny ones?! Had to make something for May flowers/Mother's Day . . . so we made a flower pot card and a seed packet holder. I made three extra, to give to the boys teachers for Teacher Appreciation day! I'm going to try and fit two seed packets in the holder . . . we'll see?!

Nathan & Patrick even made a couple of the cards too . . . I'll upload those pictures this week. They're just too cute!

The next workshop is Friday - May 22nd @ 6:30P. If you want a kit . . . it is $15 (paid via PayPal), this price would include your S&H. All your projects will include instructions and any stamping/embossing that would need to done ahead of time. Pretty much all you'll have to do is cut and glue! Pretty easy, huh? Just let me know and I'll send 'em to you.

Thank you, to those of you that sent comforting e-mails and cards this past week! Your thoughtfulness is very appreciated!

Hope you have a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping by my craft room!


  1. Glad that hear that you are doing alright! I love the cards that you made.

  2. WOOHOO, your blogging now!! You have been so busy and it's totally understable. I am glad that things are coming together and that the siblings are working well together through this difficult time. I have checked daily to see if you added stuff and I was happy to see that you posted stuff!!! WOOHOO!!!!

    Mark me down for 5/22!! I will be there will bells on and will be ready to play afterwards!!!

  3. Peggy, glad you're back. MORE FUN AT YOUR HOUSE HU? If I lived closer I'd say hook me up and I'll be over.

    Have fun crafting.

    Have a great day.

  4. WOOHOO! You are back to blogging. I have been checking regularly. I am sorry to have missed the play time this weekend it sounded like alot of fun. Oh well maybe next time. I am ready to use some of my new stuff.
    I am glad everything is going better. Give my lil buddies hugs for me. Have a great week!