Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rest of May Workshop Cards

I wanted to post the rest of the May Workshop projects! I hope you gals like 'em . . . on the wrench card, you could stamp "Happy Father's Day" if you wish . . . whatever makes your socks go up-n-down!

Theresa and I will have to coordinate this one, so we don't give Dad the same card on Father's Day! :o)

Today, I had Jeri's Make-N-Take class! We made four cards! It was alot fun to make these cards! Jeri even had 'lil banana candies, on the monkey card table! How cute! We colored on a B&W picture . . . and it was gorgeous! Who would have thunk?! :o)

I think this will be my first full week of working, in May! :o) Next week, I'm taking off on Tuesday, to extend the weekend. Patrick's last day of pre-K is this Friday and Nathan's has changed to next Tuesday (since they really didn't have any snow days to speak of). I can't believe the school year is almost over!

We start up with swimming lessons, for eight weeks, starting on June 6th! WAHOO! Then our vacation at the end of July . . . then school starts back up in the middle of August! Gee . . . where has the summer gone already?! :o)

Hope your weekend has gone well!


  1. Cute cards sissy!!! Yes we will have to coordinate our cards like we did on Mother's Day!!!!!

  2. Cute cards. I really like these. Can't wait for friday! Have a great full week of work. LOL!

  3. Your cards are really cute! Sounds like you have funfilled summer ahead... :o)

  4. Those are great for Father's Day!! I love them - I had seen one similar to the first card in Martha Stewart last month and was going to see if I could make it. The lapels were a bit larger and there is a pocket on hers with a kerchief stuck in it! If I get it done I'll post it.

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