Monday, May 18, 2009

Too cute not to share . . .

Theresa took this picture and then posted it on her account! It's just too cute, not to share it with you! This is my "kitten niece", Cuddles, looking at my blog! :o) She's either is really smart (since she is already reading) or Theresa needs to keep her better occupied (since she's bored out of her mind)?!

Here's a front picture of her . . . isn't she the cutest?!

No craft pictures today . . . just had to introduce you to Cuddles! Finally some estrogen in the family!! :o)

Thanks for stopping my craft room (Cuddles) . . .


  1. Aw, now isn't that sweet!!! Cuddles is a very sweet kitten. My nephews will be meeting her this weekend for our Cousin Night that we have rescheduled over and over!!!! Peggys birthday is next Tuesday, so I said why don't you have Terry take you out for a birthday dinner!!!

    Cuddles is a STAR!!! Way to go Cuddles!!!!!

    Tata (Mommy)

  2. Cuddles is absolutely the cutest cat ever! She fits in with the family purrrrfectly.

    Have a great day!

    Jo Jo

  3. Jo Jo!!!!! That was very sweet...Thanks!!! :)


  4. CUTE KITTEN! How cute it's just staring at the computer screen. I know what it's thinking..."Wow-cute card." And the Fathers day card is GREAT.

    Have a good day.

  5. How sweet! I love kitties!