Saturday, May 23, 2009

Birthday Card

Theresa and I scheduled "Cousin Night" for tomorrow night, we've reschedule since March! It's at their house . . . so Terry and I are going out to dinner! I think we're leaning towards Macaroni Grill . . . one of our favorite restaurants for our date nights. Our kids were sick in March . . . and then Theresa's kids were sick last month. The boys are SO looking forward to spending time with their cousins AND meeting Cuddles!!

Jenny had some surgery, earlier this month, and had some minor complications this week. She's going to be okay . . . Scott is taking very good care of her, believe me! :o) Anyway . . . she been on restricted activity and wasn't able to make it to the workshop last night. :o( She is going to come over on Monday morning though, to make her workshop projects and I'll give her birthday gift to her too! I can't wait! I have found out that even though Jenny never posts any comments on my blog, she does actually read it . . . so I can't ruin the surprise, in case she by chance reads this before Monday?!

I made a card today too . . . I know, that just took you by surprise . . . right? I had seen the "Just Beachy Card" on Dawn's blog. Although the stamp set (Just Beachy-item#113796), for some reason has never really appealed to me, I did like the layout of her card. I made some tweaks, and viola. I used the vases as the connectors, instead of the Word Window punch . . . whatcha think?

Terry just handed me the best looking Caesar salad I think I've ever seen! I'd take a picture of it, but it would just make you gals VERY hugry. I'm just thinking of you and your tummies! ;o)

Hope you're having a wonderful Saturday! Gotta go eat my delicious looking salad! Thanks for stopping my craft room!


  1. Cute card and lets see the pic of your salad...Know Terry and the way he cooks, it was probably delicious!!!!

    See ya guys tomorrow night for Cousin Night!!!!

  2. Yum.... I love Macaroni Grill!

    Cousins night sounds fun!

    Sorry to hear that Jenny. Glad to hear that she is doing much better.

    I love the card!

  3. I love the card it turned out really cute.

  4. I love it!! What stamp set are the flowers and the vase from?? They are so cute - and I really love how the card looks, I am going to give it a try!

  5. Ok I just got over to peg's house & made my cards/box, cute as always. We ended up making a little notebook to put in our purses to carry around. We are so talented!
    I am feeling better, not 100% but getting there. I surely love to scrapbook!