Saturday, May 23, 2009

Early Workshop Night?!

Normally . . . Theresa, Tammy, and I would still be up . . . burning the midnight oil, on crafting! Tonight, Tammy had some 16 bridal shower invitations to make and we had an assembly line going! We were done in nothin' flat! It was a joint effort, in creating and making these invitations! TEAMWORK! Didn't the come out cute?!

We were missing a few of our gals, either due to some medical reasons, just down right tuckered out, or out of town . . . we sure missed you gals tonight! Be sure to mark your calendars for the next workshop, on Friday - June 19th!

As some of you might know, Terry and I also have a website business, for selling of ProvoCraft products. This business started because of my love for the Cricut machine, ProvoCraft products, and scrapbooking/crafting. Well, today . . . I received an early birthday gift, from Steff and JoJo! Steff's fiance', Dennis, made it and he did a fantastic job! Once I got home, I immediately hung it on the wall downstairs! Isn't it wonderful?! :o) I absolutely love it. It was very sweet of them, to create and make this for me! Thank you Steff, JoJo, and Dennis! I will cherish this and think loving thoughts of you, whenever I look at it!

Here are some picture of the gals, working on their projects.

Thanks for stopping by my craft room!

L-R: Claire, Laurie, Jackson, Barb, Kelly, Tammy, Theresa, and Cara. Not pictured: Steff - she was the first one done with of her projects!


  1. I just want to Thank Peggy, Theresa & Cara for helping me knock my bridal shower invitations and graduation cards out in record time. You gals are simply wonderful!
    They really turned out cute. Thanks again for all your help. I really had a great time.
    Oh by the way Peggy I think the pic of me you could of left out. LOL
    Thanks again for such a wonderful evening.
    Happy Memorial Day!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sounds like y'all had a great time. What a sweet gift!