Monday, January 5, 2009

Youngest's Halloween Page Finished!

Happy Monday to you!

When I finished this page last night, our youngest was already asleep! He got to see it when he woke up this morning.

He gave me a BIG hug and said, "thanks Mom" . . . you know, that's the way to start your day off right!

I was reading in the Parent & Child magazine tonight and they had an article, "Beyond Cheese". It's about how to "Add style and elegance to your family photos with these easy professional techniques" . . . by Carolyn Buchanan. Thought I'd share them with you.

1. Fill the frame. Many of us shoot from the same distance when we try to capture our kids at an event . . . move closer.
2. Go flash free. (Say that three times!) Most cameras allow you to override automatic settings and most do well in low lights.
3. Try high and low. Changing your angle on the subject can dramatically improve your photos. It's a good idea to get down on their level.
4. Say something new . . . leave out the cliches' behind. Instead of saying "say cheese", try "show me what's in you've got in your hand."
5. Snapshot spontaneous portraits. Look for moments when your kids are sitting still, preoccupied with something else.
6. Find your focus. Lead the viewer's eye directly to what is important.
7. Don't shoot for perfection. Take the time to make mistakes and experiment.
8. Be aware of background. Cluttered and busy backgrounds wreck pictures because they draw your eye away from the subject.

Just wanted to share. Thanks for stopping by the Craft Room!


  1. I just saw that you have started following me. Wonderful! I love new blogging friends.

    This is great advice on taking pictures. I just recently started being more aware about how I take pictures. I was kind of getting away from the subject. I am getting a little better. I love all of your scrapbooking projects!

  2. I saw this page last weekend while I was at Maggies house and she did such a great job! This was alot of work for sure, but it turned out so cute!

    Great job!