Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Address Book Workshop

Theresa, Jenny, and I were talking one day about needing new address books. The old address book we had didn't have anything about an e-mail address, birthday & anniversary dates, or much less . . . cell phone numbers?! A few years ago, I created my own little spreadsheet for the Christmas card checklist, but the problem was the checklist wasn't in the same place as the addresses . . . so I had to do alot of flipping back and forth.

Problem solved! I'm going to have an Address Book Workshop on Friday, February 13th. Yes . . . I realize it's Friday the 13th . . . but hey . . . something good could come out of that day . . . like a finished little address book!

The class is $10 and will include: one 7"x9" book, 12 "naked" cardboard dividers (not decorated), front & side labels (see pictures), and 25 address pages (there are two addresses per page, which also has 5 years of Christmas card checklist). All you need to bring is paper scraps, for your divider sheets (sample photo to right).

If you can't make the workshop, but would like a kit, let me know . . . I'll be happy to ship it to you (the only additional cost would be any shipping charges).

Please RSVP by February 11th. Hope you can make it!

Don't forget . . . there's just a few more days left until the drawing for the "Blog Candy" (drawing is on February 1st). Be sure to comment to any January post and follow the blog, for entries!

Thanks for stopping by the craft room!


  1. I am really looking forward to this class! Mark me down for sure!!! I don't have a lot of scraps from paper since I started making these little creative goodies, so I have Christmas paper and Valentine's paper! I will have to dig through your HUGE pile!!!!

    I will be fun!!!

    Tata (Theresa)

  2. I hope you have a great time! Address books with places to put email addresses and birthdays sounds great!

  3. I am looking forward to this class as well. I have to update my book as well. I am also trying to decide if I want to make it to give to a friend of mine who is turning 60 for her birthday.
    Count me in. Woohoo