Friday, January 16, 2009

Anniversary Card

A friend of mine and her husband are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary this month! I sure hope she doesn't peek at the blog, before they get the card in the mail! :o) Gosh, it just doesn't seem possible that we're all old enough to even be married that long . . . does it?! Nah . . .

The layout of the Criss-Cross card is (I think) my new found favorite. I just love playing with colors and patterns, for it. I also found the new "champagne" Versamark ink pad at Archiver's. (Yes, Stampin' Up! gals sometimes do shop elsewhere!) I've always loved the Versamark ink pad + this has a bit of shimmer/glitter it in too! Bonus!! I used the new "Goody Goody Gumdrop" hostess set too!

The "Cricuteers" are getting together tomorrow night, for a evening of scrapbooking and chit-chat, at Cyndi's house. I just gotta tell 'ya something funny . . . first off . . . let me tell you that Cyndi isn't much of a drinker. The last time Cyndi had us all over, she got a couple of those HUGE containers of the pre-made margarita mix. After a few hours of scrapbooking/drinking, we were thinking that the tequila really wasn't effecting any of us?! Well . . . Cyndi didn't read the fine print, at the bottom of the jar, where it said to "just add tequila"! We all got a pretty good laugh out of it . . . maybe I should bring one of those little airplane bottles, of tequila, with me tomorrow night?! :o) We'll have a good time . . . nothing like a night with the girls!

Congratulations to Niki and Billy, on 25 blissful years of marriage!


  1. I love the card!

    That is so funny about the Tequila. Maybe this time she will remember. Have fun at your get together!

  2. This is such a beautiful card! Niki will love this for sure! You did a wonderful job! You're so creative!