Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm on the phone . . .

I just had to share this . . . 'cause it makes me laugh! When our youngest is on his play phone, normally always talking to Aunt TaTa or Aunt Jenny, I ask him, "Who are you talking to?" You know what he does?! He shh's me! Of course this becomes a constant thing, because it makes Mommy laugh! Gee . . . I have NO idea where he picked that up?! :o)

I made some little mini chocolate bar holders, at Cyndi's house the other night. I'm still embellishing them . . . but the holder part is done! I'll post later. It's a little tease for 'ya, 'aint it?! :o)

A friend of mine told me that Target will take something back, without a receipt. I called them this morning, to verify, and you'll receive a refund as long as you've purchased it within 90 days?! They pull it up with your credit card . . . what a deal!

Got some errands to do (yup, Target is on the list), since I'm off at work today. Gonna play this afternoon with some girlfriends, in my 'lil craft room!

Have a great day!


  1. That is the cutest picture!

    I did not know that about Target. That's great that they do that.

    I hope you had fun crafting with friends!

  2. So cute. I need to hold up a finger. Maybe that will get them to quiet.

  3. What a cute pic! What a cute nephew!!!!

    Aunt Tata

  4. Awwww My little buddy is so cute. I wonder how come he doesn't call me. LOL!
    I am really surprised that Target will return anything without a receipt. I have never had very good luck with their return policy.
    See ya friday! I am so excited.