Sunday, January 18, 2009

Get Well Wishes

I had a wonderful time, last night, with the Cricuteer group! We all got alot of crafting done, the dinner and brownies were delicious, and Cyndi DID remember the tequila this time! :o) It's so much fun to have an evening with girlfriends.

Theresa, my sister, called me this morning. She wanted me to make two get well cards for her. The grandparents, of Theresa's girlfriend, were in a pretty serious accident late last night (along with their 9 year old granddaughter). They hit a patch of ice and ended up upside down,
hitting a tree . . . luckily an off-duty police officer was on his way home and assisted them. Their granddaughter very stayed calm and helped her grandparents. The police officer said that she was a little hero. They're pretty banged up, a few broken bones too, but at least they're all still with us!!

Keep them in your thoughts, and prayers, for a speedy recovery.


  1. Glad that you had a good time with the group.

    Sorry to hear about the people in the car accident. I am glad that it wasn't worse though. I hope that they get well soon!

  2. Hey Sissy,

    I mailed the cards out today! I sent one to Mike and Ro and then another friend of mine had knee surgery (jackie) so I sent her the other one.

    Thanks for making these cards. You do such a great job and it really shows!


  3. The get well cards are really cute. I am sure they thourghly enjoyed them. I wish Mike & Ro a speedy recovery. They were truly lucky.
    Great Job Peggy.