Sunday, January 11, 2009

I've been having so much fun, searching blogs! I'm now following some wonderful, and uplifting, blogs! Have you searched before? It is SO much fun . . . to find others creativity and see what they write about. I just started clicking on a friend's blog followers and then clicked on her followers, etc. I had a blast reading blogs!

A friend/co-worker got engaged, over the Christmas holiday! I created this card, to mail to her and her fiance' . . . hope they like it. I've been trying my hand at Gamsol . . . which I can honestly say that I like better than using the Aqua pen! Thank you so much, to Peggy M., for showing me how to color with Gamsol! LOVE IT! Take a look at her blog, if/when you have a few moments . . . she's very talented!

Theresa (my sister), Tammy (Theresa's friend), and Jenny (friend of mine) all came over yesterday and we had our day of female bonding . . . AKA: Scrapbooking. Tammy and Theresa made alot of little Ghirardelli Chocolate Holder, that we'd found on Angie Juda's website. We used the Love You Bunches Bundle stamps. Tammy and Theresa were pretty busy makin' these last night! I think they came out cute . . . I hope they're not already sick of making the 'lil holders, 'cause they're going to be making another one @ my Valentine's class on January 23rd also! :o)

Theresa and I are putting together a recipe book, of our favorite recipes. Alot of these recipes are our Mom's recipes, who passed away in 2004. We're making them into 5.5"x8.5" scrapbook pages (with protective covers). These pages are turning out pretty cute! We split up the recipes, so that she would have one original of one recipe and I would have the copy . . . and then I would have the original and she would have the copy. Although we both miss her immensely, it's the little things (like seeing her handwriting again) that makes you feel so comforted and warm. Here's one of my favorite pictures of our Mom (AKA: GiGi), holding our oldest son.

A small piece of advise . . . find out how your Mom (or Mother-in-Law) fixes your favorite family recipes and take a picture of the two of you making it! It can be something that you can pass on the generations to come.

Hope you have a wonderful week!


  1. I love the cards! They are so pretty!

    That is a great idea about the recipes. There are a few that I'd like to get from my Grannie before she passes on.

    I love browsing through blogs too. It's a lot of fun!

  2. Hey all,

    We did have a lot of fun that night making all kinds of goodies! It wasn't a late night either! (HA HA) I made a few of the chocolate holders and had a great time making them.

    For the recipe book, I am having alot of fun doing this. I am not a very creative person compared to my sister (Peggy or Maggie) at all, she has been a great teacher and she has helped me alot. We have had a lot of fun!

    Love ya sis!

    Tata (Theresa)