Saturday, January 24, 2009

What a busy week!

I hope your weekend went well . . . it's been so busy around here!

Last Friday, I had the Valentine Workshop at my house. There was nine gals + baby Jackson! The cards and projects came out very well and everyone seemed to have a good time. Are you ready for this? I didn't take one picture! Can you believe it?! It totally slipped my mind, until all the gals were gone! Shoot me! We had two little give-aways. One little composition notebook, that Cara won, and a little candy bar holder, that Theresa won. I swear, Theresa has the best luck when it comes to winning things! She should really consider playing the lottery or something! :o) The weather personalities predicted yesterday a 20% chance of snow . . . my patootie! We had a snow downpour, within a couple hours! We were all downstairs, with one small window, so we never saw it starting to snow . . . didn't even know about it until the first round of gals were leaving. :o( Was glad that everyone made it home safe and sound though. Thank you ladies, for attending the workshop!

Saturday night/Sunday morning was "Cousin Night". Theresa, my sister, and I started this last year. Once a month, we take our boys to each others house for a sleep-over (one month it's at her house and then the next month it's at mine)! It gives the parents a least a date night, every-other month and the boys really enjoy themselves. (L-R: Patrick-4, Jackson-8, Nathan-5, Brent-6)

Sunday afternoon, I went to a Upper Case Living party at Tammy's house. If you haven't been to one of these, it's alot of fun to create, etc. In a nutshell . . . it's colored contact paper that is in designs, that you can put on your walls, mirrors, front door, glass, etc.

Today we celebrated Nathan's 1/2 birthday at school. So . . . last night, we were making white cupcakes, white icing, and a red cherry on top of each one! (It's what he requested.) Since his birthday is actually in July, the school celebrates their birthdays during the school year. Nathan felt pretty special today! We then took him to Pizza Shoppe for lunch, a local pizza place with AWESOME pink dressing. We had a fun family day today!

This coming Saturday is a Stampin' Up! demonstrator "playdate". We each are to make one Make-n-Take, for all of us to make . . . this little Nugget Box (in above pictures) is what I'm taking. I got the design off of Angie Juda's YouTube videos. So now that I've decided what to do . . . I've gotta cut and score 12 of them, before Saturday . . . not a problem! :o) I hope everyone likes it.

I told you it was busy around here! I wouldn't have it any other way though!

Have a great day . . . thanks for stopping by my craftroom!


  1. Sounds like you had a very busy but very fun week!

    I love the nugget box. Is the box purchased, or did you make that too?

  2. I made that too . . . I included the link, to where I got the instructions from:

  3. Ok I don't know how you and Theresa do it but you always seem to find the cutest things to make on the internet. I love the little nugget box.

  4. OOPs I forgot to wish my little buddy a Happy 1/2 birthday. Happy 1/2 day Nathan. I really enjoyed the class friday nite. I really like the cards we made.
    I am glad that you were able to come to the party sunday I really had a great time with everyone. Next time we just need to do a girls fun nite.

  5. We all had such a great time on Friday night. We all made 4 things and they all turned out really cute. I can't believe that everyone got away and Peggy didn't get a pic of one!!! Shame shame sissy!! HA HA HA It was a very busy weekend for myself also. We had cousin night at our house on Saturday night. We used to do a craft of some sort with the 4 boys and I am to much of a planner and I can't come up with last minute ideas. My sister is the creative one in the family! So we typically just have dinner and all of the kids play together. I checked on the boys at 11 and they were all FINALLY asleep and they were up around 7 and ready to start playing before their feet his the grounds and changed their clothes!!!! Sunday, Tammy had her Uppercase Living party and it was fun. She made this awesome Fiesta Dip and I went to the store on Monday morning and made it by 11.

    Hidden Vallye Fiesta Rach Packet
    1 block of Cream Cheese
    1 10oz of Sour Cream
    and I added about 1 cup of shredded cheese. You add how much cheese you want. They also suggested green chillis, but I didn't want alot of spice! It is a great dip!! Thanks Tammy!!!

    Maybe I should buy a lotter ticket or something with all of the GREAT luck I have had lately!!! One time, Patrick (my nephew) pulled my name out of a hat and the other time I won on my own!! WOOHOO...Looks like I have some BLOGGERS now huh sister!!!!

    I will see you on Friday night for another creative night!!!!

  6. Sorry for some of the typos in my earlier blog!! I didn't proof read it very well!!

    Tata (Theresa)

  7. Card night sounds fun. You're so creative. Thanks for the compliment!! I laugh at my stories too, but through it all I have never(knock on wood) have gotten pulled over nor gotten a ticket!!