Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Retirement Gift

Mark, my boss, has decided to retire after 21 years at our company. I've worked directly for him since 2002 and before that, my previous boss reported to Mark . . . so really I've worked around Mark since I've been at my job (1994). His last day is next Wednesday . . . I'll be taking next Thursday off, to mourn! :o(

I gotta tell you a funny (but lengthy) story though. A few years back, Mark mentioned that his wife was putting together a scrapbook for their oldest son, who was graduating high school. I told him how he HAD to purchase this "new" electronic die cutting machine on the market! Well . . . a few months go by and it's Administrative Professional Day . . . guess what?! He bought me one! He actually listened to what I'd said two months before!? I'd never mentioned where he needed to purchase one . . . just that he needed to buy one for his wife. I figured if he wanted to buy one for her, he'd ask. So . . . he started out at the Cricket (Wireless) store, thinking that's where you purchased them. :o) He also went to a local craft store and Office Depot, because I'd told him that it was about the size of a printer. Someone told him that you could purchase them at Walmart, but they were out of stock. He went there every morning, on the way into work, until that Friday . . . he came to work with a card and a Walmart gift card (enough to cover the cost of the machine). He knew if he didn't come to work with something, he'd be in a world of hurt (the official day was on that Wednesday). It still amazes me at the trouble he went through for 'lil 'ole me.

So . . . I absolutely know he'll be expecting me to make something for him! I got the idea from Patty Bennett's blog. Mark and his wife own a home with alot of acreage and horses . . . so I thought the sentiment on the front was fitting. On the inside, I put two gift certificates . . . one to a truck parts place (he recently purchased a '53 Chevy pick-up to tinker with) and a local shoe place (he and I have always made a point to go for an annual shoe shopping trip). At least now I'm guaranteed at least one more shoe shopping trip with him! :o)

I sure am going to miss him . . . but I do know they'll do well through this next adventure of their lives.

Thanks for stopping by my craft room!

p.s. In case you're wondering . . . Mark never has purchased one for his wife, but she is a bit technically challenged. :o) I'm grateful that I'll be able to think of him, whenever I use my machine and smile at the story behind it.


  1. You did an awesome job sissy with this and I like how you put the ribbon on. I think that is a great idea because when I made Tony's his wouldn't stay closed! Great idea!!!! I think one of those big eyelits that Stampin Up sells would look really cool also and then thread the ribbon thru it....Just a thought!!!
    Mark sure will miss you. You were an awesome secretary for him. I doubt that there are alot of people out there that would do 1/2 of what you did for him seriously!
    Great job again!

  2. That's such a neat story, Peggy! Sounds like he's a GREAT boss, and what a guy that he'd go to all that trouble for you, too! I like the title of your book! :)

  3. Cute story, Peggy! Sounds like a great guy!

  4. What a great story! And he's gonna love it=you did such a great job on it--I can't wait to hear what he says!

  5. That is a great gift! It sounds like he's a great boss!