Monday, March 22, 2010

March Workshop Projects

Hope you had a fabulous weekend! Kansas City was hit with a winter snow, on the first day of spring . . . the accumulation varied between 7" - 11.5". I do recall, as a little girl, having to hunt for Easter eggs in our house . . . since it had snowed on Easter. I'm so looking forward to spring!

With the boys headin' back to school tomorrow, I'll be returning back to the
office. I sure have enjoyed my extended weekend, with my men! Vacation days always seem to short, don't they?

Here are your March workshop projects . . . don't forget to RSVP, if you haven't already.

I downloaded the School Days II stamp set, for My Digital Studio . . . here's what I came up with. At our boys school, they're assigned a 6th Grade buddy on their first day of Kindergarten. Then, on the 6th Graders last day of school, there is an Ice Cream Party for the Kindergarten class and their 6th Grade buddies, to wish the 6th Graders well . . . as they go off to Middle School. It's such a neat tradition (can be a bit of a tear jerker too). :o)

Thanks for stopping by my craft room!



  1. What an adorable page. I love how you turned some of the letters around, what a cute idea!!!

  2. Very cute page - I too love the turned around letters! :) The 6th grade buddy thing is a great idea, and as a mom, I can well imagine the fun/emotion of that last day party. :0b

  3. Those projects look like tons of fun! I hope you have a great turnout for your workshops!

  4. Your page really turned out cute!! You did a great job as usual!!!! I will know probably tomorrow night if I will be at your class on friday! The projects look really cute!

  5. I'm gonna say something about those letters,too... I would've never thought of that,very clever!! I love how the whole page turned out! So adorable, TFS!!