Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oval Punch Flower

I'd seen this on Tami White's blog Friday and thought it was just so stinkin' cute, yup . . . you guessed it . . . I just had to make it! She even has a YouTube video tutorial too! If you don't subscribe to her blog, I would highly recommend it . . . she's a very creative and talented woman.

Theresa & Cara came over Friday night, as I was making this card . . . the verdict is still out on this, to make it at the next workshop or not. There are 19 ovals to punch out + smudging up their edges . . . it is some work . . . but gosh it's cute?! For those of your coming, on the 26th, are you up for the challenge? :o)

Yesterday, I met up with a friend of mine at a Stampin' Up! sale. I picked up this paper stand + some stamps and paper (of course)! I think (back in the day) it used to be for greeting cards . . . but it's a paper stand now! :o) Terry was sweet enough, to help me rearrange my craft room once it got home. I'm thinking that it's going to need some "embellishments" on the bottom drawers . . . but it's perfect for my needs! Believe it or not . . . there are some empty spots! :o)

Got a busy week . . . Jenny & Laurie are coming over tomorrow night, to go over our Spring Fling door decorations . . . Tuesday all the C.O.W. members are getting meeting, to put together all the Spring Fling welcome packets . . . gotta to pack up projects, for the crop weekend, on Wednesday & Thursday . . . and then Friday is the Spring Fling! WAHOO!

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend! Thanks for stopping by my craft room.


  1. I'm not sure I'd send that card to anyone. WOW...lucky them that receive it. ADORABLE, filled with allot of work. Have fun crafting and creating with your friends!!!
    Have a great day.

  2. That card will take some extra time but that just means we get to drink more white russians...HA HA HA It is a very pretty card! Thanks again for letting Cara and I borrow your cricut and a few ink colors!! We do appreciate it very much! I am really looking forward to this coming weekend!
    Love ya Sis!

  3. That paper stand is a great find, how awesome!!! I would love to find something like that.
    Your daisy card is just adorable, love it!!!

  4. What a great way to use the oval punches. Wonderful card.

  5. Wow, what a lot of work to get all those petals done & in place!! Great card, though. :) LOVE the idea of your cs center, too! tfs