Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Theresa's Cards

Here are pictures of the cards Theresa made on Saturday . . . didn't she do a fantastic job?! Theresa got her inspiration off of Sue Nelson's website. Sue is a very talented gal . . . be sure to check her website out! Maybe she'll be the inspiration for your next card too!

Thanks for stopping by the craft room! Great job Sissy, on your cards!


  1. OMGoodness.... those cards are beautiful!

  2. I LOVE your cards, Theresa!

  3. Thank You...Thank You....Thank You....
    I honestly just find things on the internet and print them off or I email them to Maggie and say I need help on how they made this and to be honest, Maggie comes up with all the answers and is a HUGE amount of help!!!

    So thanks Mags!

  4. Your cards and friends cards are always amazing. I'd have to frame it and hang it as art if I got one of those puppies. GREAT JOB.

  5. Oh TaTa you are getting to be so creative. I really love the cards they turned out really cute. I especially love the way the top 2 turned out. I love the impressions in the paper. You are just turning into a little scapper. LOL
    I love all of your ideas Peggy you are the GREATEST.