Sunday, March 1, 2009

Finally crafting today!

Awww . . . thank you Sandra! That is exactly what I did this afternoon . . . Theresa & Tammy came over to "play" AND a matter of fact, there was chocolate involved! It felt wonderful to go downstairs and craft. I'm still not all done, with all my cards that I'm taking to regionals . . . I'll save those for tomorrow night. Here are a couple cards I did, when Theresa & Tammy were over. I just got the little chef (VoilĂ  Stampin' Up! stamp set) and the scallop envelope (it's a Sizzix brand, but I ran it through my Cuttlebug just fine) in the mail this past week . . . it sure was fun to play!

Theresa and I started "Cousin Night" last year. Once a month, the other ones kids go to the cousins house for a sleep over. Last night it was our turn for Cousin Night. The boys sure do enjoy their time with their cousins! Can you guess which two are mine? Give you a hint . . . they take after their Mom?! :o) The boys do like cutting things out with the Cricut and coloring together, so they really had to twist their Aunt's arm to craft! We had our traditional Pancake Puffs (something different than just pancakes), for breakfast and then Theresa & Bruce were here to pick the boys up. :o( It is not only fun for the boys to have time with their cousins, but it gives the non-hosting parents get a date night! ;o)

Dad had a pretty bad time, when Theresa and I went to see him this morning. His blood pressure was 55 over ?, the doctor couldn't hear his systolic number at all. I can honestly say, the doctor & nurses were ALL over it/him! He had about 10 people in his room . . . pumpin' drugs in him, taking blood, and hookin' him up for an EKG. After about 35 minutes, his blood pressure (BP) was getting back to where it should be and he started getting some color back in his checks. You could tell he was beat and he was yawning alot . . . so we took that as a clue to let him rest. Just hung up with him and his BP and heart rate were both doing pretty good. They're doing another test tomorrow . . . we'll keep our fingers crossed that this goes well, so he's on his way to recovering.

Thank you for the thoughts and prayers . . . and stopping by the craft room! :o) Talk at 'ya tomorrow!


  1. I wasn't a good day for dad that is for sure today and they did respond FAST to the doctors orders. We need to keep our fingers crossed that everything goes well tomorrow for him. His blood pressure is getting better but his heart rate is still a little high.

    It was nice to PLAY this afternoon. I made a cute snowman card. I will have to take a picture of it and send it to Maggie (Peggy) in case she wants to post it. I think it turned out really cute. They are fun to make and I will get a head start on Christmas cards this year! I want to make a variety of different ones.
    We look forward to cousin night. It was a great idea that Maggie came up with. Last night was our date night and we went to the Elephant Bar (119th and Old Metcalfe), Cara and I go there for their tasty Bloody Mary's, french onion soup and a yummy salad and we go there to have a girls night out. After dinner we went and saw Benjamin Button movie with Brad Pitt in it. It was a long 3 hour movie and it was well worth it!
    Great job on your cards sissy! When is the next candy blog? HA HA HA

  2. Love the cards! I am glad that you all had fun cousin's night. That does sound really fun. I will continue to pray for your Dad. It can be so scary for families to watch that happen. Hang in there!

  3. I really enjoyed making my thank you cards today! It was nice just getting out to play. I love both of your birthday cards that you have posted.
    I am keeping Jack in my prayers tonite.