Thursday, March 12, 2009

This weekend . . .

Hey there ladies! I hope you've had alot of fun, these past few days, and all is well!

This Saturday, a bunch of us gals are getting together and renting a hall for $50/day. Depending on how many of us show up, we divide it evenly among all of us equally. Jenny asked if I would bring the little triangle box, for a $1 Make & Take. (Oh darn . . . a reason I have to go downstairs to craft AND make a little money too?! Twist my arm, why don't 'ya?!) I changed the colors a bit . . . and the stamp . . . but here's what the M&T looks like, for Saturday. The below diagram is how you make the triangle box. Once you have the box made, punch some holes @ the top and string some ribbon through it (this will hold it together - see other picture, for punch placement).

I just gotta share this with you! Terry and I have a Mac computer at home and I use a PC all day at work. The problem I had most with the Mac is I couldn't do spreadsheets or a text document very easily at home. Problem solved! Terry bought me Office:Mac, off eBay, and it arrived today! WAHOO! I can do Excel spreadsheets & Word documents now! Isn't it wonderful, when it is the small things in life that make your socks go up-n-down?! Good thing I'm easy to please, huh?! :o)

Tomorrow night, I will be deciding on what to take on Saturday and packing all my stuff. I promise I will take some pictures on Saturday, so you can see all of us gals "crafting" . . . so far, I believe there is about 15 of us. We're going to have so much fun! I can't wait!

I'll post on Sunday . . . okey dokey? I'll post the Blog Candy then too! Until then . . . thanks for stopping by the craft room!


  1. The make & take is really cute. Great idea Jenny. I am sorry that I am going to miss out on all the fun. Oh well maybe next time. Take lots of pics. I thought of a new name for you all for Saturday. You can call it Stamp Camp. LOL
    Have fun.

  2. Same here girl, Mac at home, terrible PC at work. It's lovely to hear that we are fellow Mac users. I won't put anything microsoft on my Mac though. That's how die hard that I am. I have iWork '08 on my wish list. I am currently using Appleworks 6 and it just doesn't work well with the new Macs. I am happy for you on your Office:Mac. I am sure that it will make your life much easier.

    I hope you have fun on Saturday! :o)

  3. OH my word Peggy, you are always having such a good time with your friends. GOOD FOR YOU! I love the make and takes.

    HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND. It sounds like you will.

  4. That sounds like a lot of fun. I love the little chick so cute!

  5. Cute Cute Cute!!!! I made one of these little triangle boxes on Saturday! It was fun!