Sunday, March 29, 2009

Punch Rack

I found this idea on the Internet, so time ago. The blog I found it on purchased their racks from Ikea . . . we don't have an Ikea around us, so I've been looking to these little kitchen towel racks since! The other night, prior to our snow storm, I went to Nuts & Bolts (a local Ace hardware store) and found 'em . . . I was SO excited, that I purchased two . . . good thing too! I didn't really realize how many punches I had! These were ~ $4/ea . . . but I didn't have to pay for shipping. Ikea does have accessories for their racks, that are on my "wish list" . . . wouldn't the baskets be great for storage for the little corner punches, etc?! I just LOVE my new little organized punch corner!

Yesterday, during our 4" snow storm . . . I drifted off to Jeri's downline meeting. There were four of us that ventured out into the snow . . . Jeri is having a repeating meeting on Monday night, for those who weren't as brave. I only live about 4 blocks away from Jeri . . . so it wasn't bad for me at all. At the meeting, Jeri demonstrated how we could look at advertisements in a different way . . . you can get color and layout ideas from them (see other "Inspiration" post).

I had some thank you notes to do . . . so I worked on these yesterday. I hadn't used the Watercolor Vine wheel yet, so I wanted to try it out. I temporarily adhered what I wrote, on the inside, so they could use it, if they'd like.

Okay . . . going to start going through my magazines for inspirations! Thanks for stopping by the craft room!


  1. Oh my gosh! I can not believe that you got out yesterday in that lovely little snow storm! I love the punch holder idea. That is a really neat for a craft room idea. Maybe I might have a room like that one of these days. LOL. Your thank you cards turned out great. You always find some great ideas to pass along.
    Enjoy your sunday!

  2. I love your new punch holder. That is a fantastic idea. I always love seeing your cards. They are always so pretty!

  3. Great idea of how you put your punches on the wall! Again, adorable cards!!!!

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