Sunday, March 29, 2009


During Jeri's downline meeting yesterday, Jeri demonstrated that you can get inspiration from anywhere.

My "assignment" was to take the Walmart ad (left) and create a card from it. I should have Cuttlebug'd the pumpkins color . . . but I still like the layout of it.
Here's what I came up with (right). Although I love the colors, I love the fall colors myself, I probably wouldn't have thought to put them all together on a card?!

Just goes to show you that you can get inspiration
from anywhere! This definitely has inspired me . . . I'm going to go craft now! :o) Here's my inspiration piece (below) . . . want to know what I'm going to come back with? I'll post it tomorrow . . . I love the shabby-chic windows on this page . . . gosh, anyone know where could I find some of those?!

Look at all these posts . . . just more chances to get in on the
Blog Candy drawing, on April 1st! :o)
Thanks for stopping by the craft room! Enjoy your day and get inspired!


  1. Wow I would of never thought of doing that for inspirations of color. Another great idea. I guess I will need to keep some of my magazines,etc from now on. Another cute card. I wish I can could come up with such great ideas.
    I guess I better get to work with coming up with ideas I need to come up with 3 b-day cards for April. I can't wait for your next cute idea.
    Have a great week.

  2. can take bathroom products for your inspiration, and come up with such a cute card. I just struggle with paper and seeing outside the box. I'm working on it though.

    Have a great day.

  3. never surprise me.....All I can say is WOW....looking at that ad from Walmart, you thought of that really pretty card. I would have sat there probably for hours and not come up with much! You did great!!!!

  4. Turned out really good. I like drawing inspiration from things around the house.