Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dotte Crop

Us girls had a WONDERFUL time yesterday! There were 12 of us gals, Melanie and Laurie left earlier in the night and missed out on the Kodak moment! :o)

We had some "fresh meat" there too! Karen (grey outfit) showed up to the crop. She and her husband recently moved here from Texas, but was originally from Tennessee. Funny . . . she didn't really know a soul there, but because of common interest of crafting/scrapbooking and her personality, she fit in perfectly!

Jenny brought us a little project to do, that we'd seen @ Jeri's on Tuesday evening . . . covered Hershey Bunnies! (shhhh . . . we scraplifted!) Are they cute?! Take a 5"x6" piece of designer paper and wrap your chocolate bar . . . then you'll need the following punches: large and small oval (ears), 1 3/8" circle (head), 3/4" circle (face), and regular paper punch (eyes) or you can get googly eyes. You can cut a rectangle out, for the teeth, or leave it off . . . it looks cute either way.

I played with some of my new stamp sets and got a some cards and scrapbook pages done. Theresa's already starting on her Christmas cards! :o) She made four different ones; they all turned out really cute! I'll have her send them to me, so you could see them. Jenny reincarnated some glass Frappuccino bottles, covered some paper around the middle of the glass and pop-dotted a scalloped circle on the top . . . they were cute! Melanie came and made 3 recipe book fronts, for her sisters. Melanie and her three sisters get together every year for a weekend . . . Melanie is making each of them a family recipe book. Cute idea huh?!

I have to share this with you . . . Theresa found these @ Michael's, in the $1 section! The chipboard and jump-ring was $1 + the pre-cut paper was $1 . . . so for $2, you have a cute little chipboard album! They have the star, a house, and a water splash . . . wouldn't the house be cute for first-time home buyers? I asked Theresa to get me the star, so I could put the boys pictures of their achievements or classmates, etc.

I had a fantastic day, with a wonderful group of gals! Thanks for stopping by the craft room!

p.s. Gotta go finish getting our taxes ready . . . I'll post the blog candy later today!


  1. What a fun girls night!

  2. It sounds like you all had a great time. I am sorry to have missed it. Maybe I will be able to attend next time.
    Have a great week!

  3. I had a great time on Saturday making all kinds of things. I honestly don't know how my sister can keep it together because between Jenny and I and then Melanie, we were asking her questions and help alot! Thanks sister for being SO patient with all of us! I think we all know that we just have to take turns and wait your turn patiently! LOL Dang sister, your just so popular!!!!

    See ya on Friday!