Monday, February 22, 2010

My organized punch wall . . .

I just absoultely hate this time of year . . . time for me to do all the inventory (for tax purposes)! ARGH! I do a little bit each night, so it's not so overwhelming. My only saving grace is taking a little time out breaks, like now, to share parts of my craft room with you.

I'd shown you this, back in March '09 . . . but my punches have multiplied since then! :o) So . . . here's my updated punch wall! I got all my Stampin' Up! punches organized on towel bars. I purchased the top three racks at Nuts & Bolts (hardware store not too far from our home). The baskets and bottom rack were purchased at IKEA . . . these little baskets are perfect, for smaller items (ie: small punches and bottles).
I remember our Mom having these towel racks (top three racks) growing up . . . did you have 'em too? These aren't rounded, like they are now. Did you have these growing up too?

Okay . . . I guess I'd better get back to doing inventory. :o( Thanks for stopping by my craft room!

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  1. You are just one organized momma. I wish I could be so organized. I love the idea. May have to do something like that at my house. LOL