Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Digital Studio Page . . .

This is Patrick's first 6 birthdays digital scrapbook page. Since he's not six yet, there is a "TBD" picture in August placeholder.

In looking at both of the boy's scrapbook pages, you might see a common thing . . . OTHER than layout . . . their 1st birthday pictures! Don't those pictures just make you laugh/smile?!

Patrick was giggling pretty hard, in looking at his 1st birthday photo last night. Hands down, I think Patrick did a better job (over Nathan) at putting more of the chocolate on himself! I'll just have to show you his 6th birthday photo, once it's taken & in place!

We're so lucky, to have two such great 'lil men! It's been so much fun, putting these two scrapbook pages together . . . I'm so looking forward to scrapbooking the rest of their lives & birthdays.

I'll bring my laptop to the Spring Fling workshop weekend, in March, so those of you that want to see My Digital Studio in action . . . you can play with it! Okay?

Thanks for stopping by my craft room!

p.s. On Patrick's 1st birthday . . . this is a picture of Nathan and Grandma Betty laughing at Patrick, devouring his cake. Priceless isn't it? :o) Grandma Betty was laughing so hard she was crying! Gosh we sure miss her!!

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  1. Wow... that's a lot of chocolate on that first picture! Too funny!