Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Branch Out Stamp Set

Live, Laugh, and Love . . . it's what we do with our girlfriends and our dear family members!

Theresa (AKA: Sissy) and I made three of these, back in the middle of January . . . but she made me promise I wouldn't post a picture until
after Cara's birthday . . . see Theresa made Cara one for her birthday! Hope you enjoying your birthday gift Cara! ;o)

Sissy even surprised me with a frame of my own too! WAHOO! Mine immediately went on a wall in my craft room, but when Cara & Theresa came over, to make their purses . . . I had to take it down and put it in the closet, to hide it from Cara! Oh we're so sneaky, aren't we?! :o)

Sissy did all the stamping . . . I did matting and letter cutting. :o) We used the Branch Out stamp set, which is such so cute, but unfortunately, it's been retired . . . maybe SU! will bring it back some day?! I can hope, can't I?
Sissy had made one for Tammy too, for Christmas . . . with Live, Laugh, Love, and Friends on hers (on the tops and bottoms of the stamped images, instead of between the stamped images). Didn't Sissy do an awesome job?!

I always have so much fun, spending an afternoon crafting with my sister! :o)

Thanks for stopping by my craft room!


  1. Oh I just love this picture. I have mine hanging right at the top of my stairs when people come in it is the first thing they see.
    Theresa did a great job. I love mine.

  2. I love it! So cute!

  3. What an awesome project. I didn't even like this set at first, now I wished I had purchased it after all the great things I have seen with it. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Thanks for all of your help with this sissy!!! I sure have had a lot of fun making one for all of the special gals in my life!!!! We have done different things with them. I am looking forward to making mine at Jenny's on Sunday and then I get to hang mine up in my house!!!

    Love ya

  5. Oh, that is soo neat! Great job showing the different seasons!! tfs