Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cards +

You know how sometimes you just see something and you're just saying, "holy cow"?! Well, Theresa did that to me today. Theresa was asked to pick up a birthday card, for her youngest son's baseball coach . . . she did one better! SHE MADE IT . . . and look at the job she did! I told you, "holy cow" . . . right?! :o) She got the idea from Dina's blog, one of our sidelines, but I love the way she changed it and made it her own! Sissy . . . you, Tammy, and Taylor did a fantastic job!

This weekend, Gary (my BIL), is going back to Colorado. You know . . . it's been kinda nice havin' him around these past few months. We're sure gonna miss the 'ole lug! :o) We have our second swimming lesson, on Saturday morning, and then my boss' oldest son graduated from high school . . . so we have his party to go to on Saturday night.

I'm getting some of the new Stampin' Up! stamp sets, these next few days! It's going to be like Christmas over here! WAHOO! I just can't wait! Terry's going to wonder if Stampin' Up! still has anything in the warehouse! :o)

Here are the cards I made for Amy's family. They're a bit larger than a normal card . . . so they can fit plenty of signatures and loving thoughts. The family has set up, in lieu of flowers, an account for Amy's children. Steff sent out a note to everyone in her group today, asking to take up a collection to the account. The envelope is at her desk and then then they'll sign the cards. My heart sure goes out to her family, especially her children.

Thanks for stopping by my craft room!


  1. I have to say Theresa & Taylor did a mighty fine job. I thought the card turned out so that Theresa made me one to give to my brother for his birthday this month. LOL I was filling out paperwork.
    I think your cards turned out really cute Peggy. I am sure the family will really appreciate them. I really like that folder you used. I can't wait to use mine.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Those cards are so pretty!

  3. You gals have been busy making cards! I have been busy in Las vegas sitting at the pool & people watching. I swear this place is unlike anything I have ever seen! People wear suck revealing clothes there & they do not care if they are tiny or big! I had so much fun. I did not win much but my brother & Husband did! Scott is sharing w/me so I can buy more scrapbook stuff!