Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tell someone that you love them . . .

It's raining here, once again . . . it's been raining here all day! Oh how I love the smell of rain and the sounds of thunderstorms though! It's so calming and relaxing.

I got an e-mail from Michael's today. If you're not on their mailing list . . . I highly recommend it, especially if you have kids. They send you e-mails (from the Knack) with craft projects for kids! As a BONUS, sometimes they send you additional coupons! Today, they featured this cute Father's Day Tie card . . . isn't it cute?! I didn't color it, it's their illustration. :o) For the project instructions, click here.

We lost a dear co-worker at our office yesterday, to heart disease. She'd ran in a 4 mile run in April and then was in the hospital in mid-May. She'd had a bad heart, that she'd had since birth (without knowing). She was only 35 years old and they had two small beautiful kids. Today, her bother wrote the dearest note on her Caring Bridge page. I found myself in tears, while reading it this morning . . . but it's SO true!

Steff asked me to make a card, for her group to give to Amy's family. It's kind of difficult to come up with a big enough card, that about 60 people can sign . . . so I made two identical cards. I'll post the picture tomorrow. I feel honored that Steff asked me to make a card(s), for the family. Amy will be so missed, she was a peach of a gal!

Thanks for stopping by my craft room,


  1. The new card is really cute.
    I am sorry to hear about your co-worker she was very young.
    I am sure her family will really appreciate the cards.

  2. So sorry to hear about your co-worker. That is truly sad! Praying for her family & friends.

  3. Oh my goodness, how sad!!! So sorry that you have lost a friend. That is just heart wrenching.

    It's raining here, and it's been doing so for over a week. It's nice and green. The weeds are loving it.
    Take care.

  4. That is sad :( So young!

    I get that email too and saw that card... I am going to try it!