Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sick Household!

Okay . . . I'm finally starting to feel better! Coughing like there is no tomorrow, but I'm feeling better! Now though . . . Terry has it! I swear Patrick is our culprit . . . he's all cute and all lovey-dovey . . . but he's the one that started this! He only had the sniffles for one day though . . . for Terry and I, this is lasting a week! GEEZ . . . these cute little germ passers! :o)

Tomorrow, Terry's sister (Sheri) and bother-in-law (Rick) have been married for 37 years! Oh my! They're coming in for the weekend, so of course made them a card! :o) I'll never forget the first year we (Terry and I) gave them an anniversary card . . . Sheri looked at me and said "Thank you" . . . I said, "You're welcome, but it's from the both of us" . . . she said, "no thank YOU, because it's funny that I've never gotten an anniversary card from Terry before. It's because of you!"

Us women do play a great part in making our family and friends have warm fuzzies, on those special days . . . don't we? It's not something that our Moms tell us to do . . . as we grow up, it's just something that we automatically do it for the ones we love!

Here's a picture of Rick & Sheri, on their wedding day, leaving for their honeymoon. Take a look at their car . . . oh my! I would have hated to be the one to have to clean that car!! Get a load of Rick's sideburns too . . . oh Elvis! :o)

I'm taking Friday off of work . . . Sheri's oldest son (Ryan) an granddaughter (Kaylee) are coming in for the weekend too . . . we're going to do all the "family" things around Kansas City too. We're going to go to Deanna Rose Farmstead, Kansas City Zoo, and Worlds of Fun! Oh what a fun-filled weekend we're going to have!! I'll be sure to post the pictures!

Okay . . . I'm off to play "Mr. Mom" . . . since Terry isn't feeling well tonight! Wish me luck! :o) Thanks for stopping by my craft room!


  1. I hope you guys feel better soon! If you go to the Zoo, just a tidbit - only Africa is open on Friday and it's only open til 2pm. I have a zoo day planned with Jackson too. It's only $5 though, and it's because of Jazzoo. I think everything is back to normal on Saturday though. Have a good weekend!

  2. Glad that you are feeling a little better! I hope your SIL & BIL have a wonderful anniversary!

  3. Just catching up, and wow you've been busy. AND...sick to. Hope you are feeling better!

  4. glad you are starting to feel better. cool car!!

  5. Very pretty card that you did sister!! Sheri will really like it. Sorry to hear that everyone is getting your sickness...GAG...You can only hope the boys did get it next!!!! Take care of Terry!!!! Or do your best!! LOL