Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hey there ladies! Sorry I've been away from you, for a whole week . . . I've really missed you too!

As you know, we went to MonsterJam in St. Louis, last weekend. We totally forgot it was also Mardi Gras weekend! Every restaurant had almost a three hour wait . . . yeah, with 5 little boys, that could happen! :o) We all decided that we'd just eat at the Edward Jones Dome. Well, on the way to the dome, our Dad had problems breathing. It was bitterly cold outside and since Dad had asthma a long time ago, we didn't think too much about . . . we just chalked it up to a possible asthma attack. WRONG . . . our Dad has atrial fibrillation (an erratic heart rhythm)! He's been in the hospital, in Kansas City, since Wednesday . . . looks like he'll be there at least over the weekend, until they level out his heart rhythm.

Dad and LaDonna, and the rest of us, had a wonderful time @ MonsterJam. Dad loved watching all 5 boys have all their attention on these monster trucks, for 4-5 hours! Dad said that he really didn't know that five boys could sit still for that long! :o)

Tuesday night, we were getting ready to take Betty (my MIL) out to dinner for her birthday and Nathan (our oldest) came to the living room walking on the side of his left foot. Terry looked at it and saw something shiny . . . he tried to get it out, but Nathan kept pulling his foot back, because it hurt. After 45 minutes of this, I finally picked Nathan up (kicking and screaming) and put him in the car. I swear, if any of our neighbors could hear us, they would have called DFS on us. I had Patrick (our youngest) was standing in front of the back door crying, "you're not taking my brother to the hospital" . . . Nathan is yelling, "No . . . I don't want to go to the hospital"! Oh my . . . so I got him in the car and then forgot to hit the child safety lock! I had gone into the house, to get my purse and here comes Nathan into the kitchen . . . so the dragging of his happy 'lil butt into the car went on AGAIN! He was a little trooper at the hospital though. He had a small piece of glass in his foot (about 1/8" long) . . . once it was out, he wanted to take Grandma out for her birthday! How sweet! Grandma felt very heartfelt that Nathan still wanted to go and we had a wonderful time celebrating her birthday @ dinner.

So . . . needless to say, I haven't had much time to "craft" this week, or much less want to . . . Theresa and I have spent all of our time at the hospital. I did make Dad a card, last night . . . but it doesn't look like we're going to get out too much this morning. :o( It's snowing pretty heavy here in Kansas City today, it's supposed to last at least until noon. Maybe I can get out and see Dad this afternoon?!

Tammy's (Theresa's friend) daughter, Whitney, had an emergency gallbladder removal surgery yesterday. Her surgery went well and is probably going home today or tomorrow.

I know that everyone says that this stuff travels in three's . . . so there is our three! Enough is enough! On a happier note . . . here's your friendly reminder that today is the last day of February and we'll have our February Blog Candy drawing tomorrow @ 12P, noon! The Blog Candy, for February, is the Stampin' Up! Adhesive Remover. It's a must for any crafter . . . trust me!

Please keep Whitney and our big guy (Dad) in your prayers . . . talk to you soon. Thank you for stopping by the craft room!


  1. OMGoodness.... I hope your Dad will be alright. Poor thing! I also pray for a quick recovery for Whitney. I had my gall bladder removed when I was 21 and it was no fun in the park. I am glad that you guys managed to still have a good time at the MonsterJam! I couldn't help but laugh at the Nathan story... kids!

  2. We really did have a great time at Monster Jam, even though my husband was sicker than a dog and had to make several stops all the way up to St. Louis. Then my youngest son wasn't feeling all the best as the night went on either. We did the best that we can and everyone helped each other with the kids! That part was nice, I was stressing a little (maggie would say alot) with 3 kids by myself in a town I don't know that was VERY busy with tons of people and cars and trying to feed freezing kids! HA HA HA Once we got to the dome, everything was much better between everyone! We all had a great time! Dad is at the right place for what is wrong with him at the time. The nurses and doctors have done an awesome job!Maggie and I have spent alot of the days up at the hospital together! She is such the STRONG sister out of the both of us for sure when it comes to dealing with loved ones in the hospital. We have been there for each other! Whitney had her appendix out sissy not her gall bladder, it's okay you have had a lot on your mind. Whitney went home today and she seems to be doing pretty good. Glad that Nathan did great at the hospital. You guys should have seen his brother Patrick at the hospital when the nurses were drawn blood from Papa's arms. He was right there watching and didn't flintch at all. His mother (Maggie) is a fainter for sure, she passed out when I had to get stitches in my arm when I was a child. It doesn't take much, so mom looked away while her son was checking things out! It was cute! Thanks Liz for the sweet thoughts! Sister, you didn't post dad card that you made! HA HA HA I hope I am the winner!! This will get TONS of people posting, right sissy! HA HA HA HA I can hear everyone NOW!!!!

  3. Thanks Peggy for sending well wishes to Whitney. She is doing pretty good overall. Just tired and having alittle bit of after surgery pain. I tell you I am ready for a better week as I know you and Theresa are too. I have two other friends that all had a loved one down at St. Lukes with their hearts last week. Boy oh boy! I had no idea about my little buddy Nathan. Dang! I am glad he is ok. My thoughts and prayers are going out to your dad. I hope everything goes well for him Monday. am glad to see you blogged today I really missed your blogs this week. I am ready for some play time with you and TaTa and Jenny. It has been awhile. I would like to make some of those Thank You cards. Maybe I will be the winner this time. Woohoo!!!!
    Thanks again for all the well wishes girls I know Whitney appreciates them too!
    Here is wishing everyone a GREAT WEEK!!!!!