Monday, February 16, 2009

What a crafty weekend?!

Oh my goodness sakes . . . I've had withdraws from you gals! :o) I thought it was going to be a busy weekend . . . and boy oh boy . . . I wasn't lying!

Well . . . the Address Book Workshop went well! Jenny was sick, but we attempted to have fun with out her. I got the picture of Theresa and Tammy, being creative . . . as promised . . . but I had failed to get pictures of their books. Theresa came over Sunday, so I stole a couple pictures from her book (see below)!

Theresa wanted to start putting her cards in something, instead of placing them on top of each other. I have some USPS shoe boxes, so I but them to 5" and then Theresa decorated/embellished it! Didn't it come out cute? Theresa and I also have Family Countdown calendars (made with magnets and a cookie sheet), see February 8th post. The problem is we have a bunch of magnets, for the holidays . . . problem solved . . . another USPS shoe box to the rescue! We cut the lettering out with the Plantain Cricut cartridge. She's going to make some little dividers, for her cards . . . but didn't they come out cute?

On Saturday, we had my Mother-in-Law over for dinner. We fixed individual heart shaped pizzas and my MIL brought a heart shaped red-velvet cake! It was beautiful! She said it was a royal "you know what" to make though! The boys thought it was kinda cool, having a pizza all to themselves!

We had brunch with my Dad and LaDonna, on Sunday . . . we met at Winstead's, a local burger/diner place. Once we were done, Theresa had asked if she could come over and "play". Terry was glad to oblige, since he was going to be glued to the television, watching Daytona 500. Theresa wanted to make Ghirardelli chocolate boxes, that she wanted to make (it holds 4 little bars). She'd also found this flower, in the Stampin' Up! Sale-A-Bration brochure. It stated to contact your Demonstrator, to find out how to make it . . . and she did! The flower itself is a little bit of a pain . . . it's a 12" piece of decorative paper, scored every 1/4" inch! If you hold your tongue just right, you can get that 'lil booger wrapped around the way it's supposed to be! What a joy (being very sarcastic) . . . as you can see . . . there is only one made! :o) We ran the background paper through the Cuttlebug, to add just a touch of something. The end result is very cute though. Didn't our little projects come out cute?!

I've had some requests about the the instructions, on the ladybug Post-it Note holder. I will post that tomorrow . . . they're definitely easier than the flower card, trust me!

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's weekend! Sorry this is so long, but I had alot I wanted to tell you about . . . okay that and I'm naturally long winded (from what I'm told)?! :o)

Have a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping by the craft room! Here's some pictures of Theresa's Address Book . . . once I can steal shots of Tammy's, I'll take those too!


  1. OMGosh.... all of the crafts turned out so pretty. I am glad that you all had a great time!

    Red velvet cake is my favorite. I am sure it was delicious!

  2. I really enjoyed myself friday nite and can't wait to finish my own address book. I loved all of the other ideas you and Theresa came up with. I need another play date because I want to come up with some cute Easter things. Don't know what yet but I am open for suggestions. The pizzas turned out neat and just to let you know I am jealous cause you had red velvet cake. I love it. LOL! Thanks again for another wonderful Friday nite.

  3. You ladies have way to much fun. I'm glad everything turned out so well for you. You were busy this weekend. But, you made some really cute crafts and made a lot of people happy.
    I'm excited for the post-it note holder. CUTE-CUTE for my desk.
    Have a great day.

  4. Wow, look at that mess that we created Tammy!!! We had a lot of fun making the address books and I have a great time on Sunday going over to my sisters to "play"! I wanted to learn how to make a few things so Maggie(Peggy) showed me how! The flower sure is pretty isn't it!! HA HA HA but what a pain it is to make!! Takes two people, one to hold the folded flower while the other person is putting down a glob of glue, but they are so pretty! I love my boxes also, the next thing I need to make are dividers! The heart shaped pizzas did look tasty! Thanks for opening up your downstairs so I can borrow things and I have had a lot of fun learning new crafts! It's been fun!